Organic MCT oil benefits are vast. It is a short-chain oil that our body can digest easily. This effect have a handful of benefits that are backed by promising studies. But still most of them are not certain for everyone. 

The benefits include losing weight, burning fat, Improving body-brain function, providing quick energy, helping brain function related to disease, etc. Those benefits are mostly true, but more specific research needed to confirm them.

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This article will include all the science-backed benefits. Also, the functions, uses, considerations, and everything you must know about Organic MCT Oil. Stay curious!

With the graph of chronic diseases rising sky-high, people are more concerned about the causes and ways to minimize risks. The market is flooded with countless dietary supplements claiming extraordinary benefits. Recently, organic MCT oil benefits have also drawn the attention of wellness lovers. But how effective is it for overall wellness and a flourishing body?

MCT Oil : what is the significance and function?

MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil is 6-12 carbon fat molecules. MCT oil generally consists of two types of fatty acids: caprylic and capric acid. It is produced from coconut or palm kernel oil. 

Due to its medium chains, it’s not suitable for cooking. However, as it smells and tastes less, you can use it with any food you want.  

Organic MCT oil comes from organically grown coconuts and kernel oil. They are free from any chemical additives, insecticides, or fertilizers. Certified Organic ones may cost a little more but are worth using for better health and the environment.

Let us help you clarify some ideas about fat digestion and organic MCT oil function so you can understand their function & significance.

Uses of MCT Oil

Organic MCT oil generally used for

  • Weight loss and appetite
  • Bodybuilding and sport.
  • Improving brain function and disease.
  • Getting a healthier diet.
  • Helping with different diseases.
Organic Mct Oil

Organic Mct Oil Research

Problem of fat digestion and how organic MCT oil can help?

Among the three types of food molecules (carbohydrate, fat, and protein), fat or triglycerides provide the most energy. (almost twice) But the triglycerides we eat are in longer form. Our body processes the long-chain triglycerides in multiple steps in the presence of different enzymes. 

Bile juice breaks down the long-chain triglycerides. Then, it converts them into medium and short-chain triglycerides. Our bodies easily absorb those. However, a big part of the LCT gets broken by fermentation in the intestine, taking up a long time to provide energy.

So, as you can see, fat provides the most energy, but it takes the most time to be absorbed by the body. But if you take medium-chain triglycerides in the first place, your body does not need to go through the long digestion process. 

The triglycerides from MCT oil directly travel from the intestine to the liver and produce ketone to support body function.

Key points to note from the MCT oil function

MCT oil is an instant source of rich fat that is ready to use for your body. From those abilities and functions of MCT oil, there are some key points we can note for our further discussion.

  1. MCT oil is a fast source of a lot of energy.
  2. A small amount of MCT oil can make you feel full longer, which may help weight loss.
  3. More MCT oil can help those who want to gain weight or build body.
  4. As it is a quick and healthy source of fat, it reduces carbohydrate complications.

MCT oil has some proven and semi-proven benefits that may excite you, but wait, there are possible side effects too! Go through the next sections to stand on a better foundation to decide about MCT oil.

7 Organic MCT Oil Benefits

Here are the organic MCT oil benefits that have a certain level of reliability that is worth counting. Note that coconut oil has around 54% MCT, and most of the research about coconut oil is considerable for MCT oil to some extent.

Helping weight loss

A review of 29 studies found relationships between MCT oil and low-calorie consumption. (1) Our body can use MCT oils faster and use them for a long time to keep you energetic. Other types of fat are usually processed slowly, and our bodies tend to store them.

A few spoons of MCT oil in the breakfast can make you feel less hungry and help you avoid snack cravings (2

Keeping you full longer will help you maintain a low-calorie diet and adjust your body to lose weight healthily. Another study done in 2003 concludes MCT oil increases fat and calorie burning in obese men. (3)

Good energy source

LCT oil is a great source of energy as it can bypass the regular digestion process. If we compare it to glucose and MCT oil, both kick in around 15 minutes. Glucose increases the blood sugar but MCT oil does not have this issue. 

This makes MCT oil an excellent dietary supplement for those who are involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes and bodybuilders.

Organic Mct Oil For Bad Cholesterol

Lowers cholesterol

Organic MCT oil may have good benefits for lowering bad cholesterol that is harmful to heart health. A 2009 study on coconut oil tested 40 women and measured their cholesterol levels. The study concludes it has considerable effects in lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing the good ones. (4)

However, more specific studies on MCT oil need to reach more authentic conclusion about its cholesterol-reducing effects.

For weight gain

Organic MCT oil is full of calories, and taking a high amount of MCT can contribute to weight gain. It can be either good or bad, depending on your body. If you are trying to gain weight, consider consuming a high dosage of MCT oil in your diet

On the other hand, if you want to control or lose weight, take MCT in moderation and focus on taking a low-calorie diet. Remember that consuming much MCT oil at once may cause discomfort and other side effects. Increase the amount gradually to avoid complications. 

Improved brain activity and neural dysfunction disease.

The brain can use carbohydrates or ketosis for energy. Ketosis from LCT has a promising effect on improving brain function and thinking ability. 

Several brain dysfunction diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Epilepsy patients get the most benefits from the LCT oil. A 2016 study concludes MCT oil may help to reduce the frequency of seizures (4).

 In Alzheimer’s disease, the neuron does not work correctly, and brain cells die prematurely. A ketogenic diet, including MCT oil, can improve the survivability of brain cells. (5

Another study on 15 autistic children found that MCT oil with a gluten-free diet reduced the autistic behavior of 6 children. However, the study is too small for a more specific conclusion. (6)

Organic Mct Oil For Brain

Antimicrobial Effect

Many studies confirm the anti-bacterial and antifungal effects of organic MCT oil. A 2013 study finds that Capric acid (C10) and caprylic acid (C8) inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause diarrhea. (7

MCT oil also does a great job of inhibiting fungus growth and treating common infections.

Controlling blood sugar

A 2007 study suggests MCT has a good role in controlling blood sugar. (8) But the studies have some limitations as they’re older and done over a small group of people. The study compares the rise of blood sugar levels when consuming MCT oil to corn oil.

There are also newer studies with coconut oil. Those found LCT may have short-term blood glucose-reducing effects. But the effect does not last in the long term. (9)

We need more specific research to reach a certain conclusion. But generally, if the energy of your diet comes from triglycerides instead of glucose, it will certainly reduce your blood sugar issues. But you must talk to your doctor first before taking MCT oil.

Other Benefits of Organic MCT oil : the number goes on!

Organic MCT oil can be a good solution for acne as it contains lauric acid with an effective antimicrobial effect. It can remove the bacteria that may cause acne. For some people, MCT oil also shows a laxative effect when used in large amounts.

MCT oil also helps to increase hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Those hormones play a notable role in improved mood and sleep. (10)

If we compare MCT oil with olive oil, MCT oil is easy to absorb and provides energy fast. On the other hand, olive oil is full of antioxidants and other bioactive components. Both can be useful depending on what you want from oil. But when you are looking for weight loss, organic MCT oil works better than organic olive oil. (11) Note that MCT oil can not be used for cooking, which can be noted as a drawback.

Other research shows that MCT oil also has antiinflammatory activities in our bodies. That means it may reduce allergy and other issues with immune overreaction. (12) Some people say MCT oil can promote hair growth. Well, it may improve your scalp conditions, but no studies support it.

Another question people often ask is, does MCT oil help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? IBS patients can not eat more than 40 grams of fat, as it can worsen the symptoms. But they can easily consume and absorb fat from MCT oil. MCT oil improves digestion and gut health, but too much can backfire and result in digestive issues.

How to use MCT oil?

Generally, MCT oil is consumed with other foods like smoothies, salads, and coffee. As it has no taste or smell, you can take it with anything you like. 

Mixing one spoon with your morning coffee is a popular way to drink MCT oil. It does an excellent job of enhancing the taste and texture of the coffee as well as your energy level for a long time.

The best time to use MCT oil is in the morning. Research shows that taking MCT oil in breakfast reduces an average of 10% of calorie intake in a group of people.

Can you eat MCT oil directly? We recommend not taking directly as it is unpleasant to most people. Moreover, it might cause vomiting and other symptoms if you consume too much at once.

4 to 7 table spoons of MCT oil should be the limit for most people. If you consume a high amount of MCT oil, you should split the amount throughout the day. Taking a higher amount of MCT oil can cause adverse effects. (More on the next part)

Our body needs to adjust to the instant burst of energy that MCT oil provides. Start by taking one spoon of MCT oil on the first day, and gradually increase the amount according to your comfort and goal. 

Side-effects and considerations : Organic MCT Oil

In general, MCT oil can cause adverse digestive effects. If you drink too much too quickly before not letting your body adjust. It can result in diarrhea, blotting, and abdominal pain. Consuming it in moderation and splitting the MCT amount throughout the day is the best way to avoid those issues.

If we dive deeper into fat and lipid effects in our blood, MCT oil may contribute to heart and cardiovascular disease. (13,1415) However, that is true for most other types of fat. Experts recommend not consuming too much MCT oil  for a long time. This practice reduce risks & better heart health.

You can take much MCT oil if you can burn. Taking a higher dosage of MCT oil is not recommended for those who do a lower physical activity. MCT oil may contribute to a fatty and unhealthy liver if you do not consume it properly. (16)

MCT oil is known for helping weight loss as it keeps you full for a long time. But related research says it may not work on everyone. Interestingly, MCT oil can make weight loss difficult for some people, as it increases the hunger hormone for some individuals. (17)


Who should not use MCT oil?

People who are overweight, less active, diabetic, and have liver problems should not use MCT oil. Contact your doctor for better guidance.

What happens if I take MCT oil on an empty stomach?

It should not cause any issues on an empty stomach if you drink correctly. It can kick-start your morning and make you feel energetic.

Conclusion: Organic MCT Oil Benefits 

MCT oil can be a fantastic food supplement. It can help you reduce dependency and risks from carbohydrates. Though MCT oil has a few complications, but we can overcome it by maintaining proper dosage and regulations. 

Organic MCT oil is a fast and healthy energy source for more active people. Some people may get weight loss benefits as it makes you feel full for longer and reduces appetite. However, it may also increase hunger hormones for some people.

It is essential to try it and see if it is aligned with your body and wellness goals. Talk to your doctor if you have a condition, and consider to consume MCT oil.

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