Coconut oil


For the beautification of the hair of men/women, coconut oil is being used since ancient times in progressing Bangladesh. Hair is called the container of the beauty of men/women. Without hair, it looks faded. So caring for hair, pure coconut oil is needed first. 

But nowadays, the beauty of hair has faded by the effect of the chemical. In the modern era, women are decorating their hair with various styles using various products from the market. For this reason, hair is losing carbon content, broken hair, premature hair fall along with many problems that are rising for the use of these chemical or hair decorative components. Also, an unhealthy lifestyle & pollution are creating a bad impact.

Coconut oil has been considered the best care of hair for a long since because it contains protein properties & natural conditioning fat.

Today’s major problem is protein loss which results in undesired hair. Also living with adulterated products, it has been hard to believe in getting pure products.


Why Coconut Oil is best for hair care?

Pure coconut oil contains a high amount of assimilated fat along with emulsion combining oil, protein & water.

There are three layers of hair which are the internal layer, skin & external layer. The internal layer of hair is so soft. A high amount of medulla is there which is very important for hair. In the skin of the head, protein cells & pigment exist there which healthy existence is liable for the hair color, density & height.

The external portion is what we can see.  Coconut oil takes care of this three-layer.  Protein loss of hair is fully defended by coconut oil as well as it saves the hair from the harmful ultraviolet ray of the sun.

The lauric acid of coconut oil lets the hair consume the oil easily. Coconut oil helps hair to grow healthier & smoother.

Helpful sides of coconut oil caring hair–

  • A natural conditioner for hair.
  • Fully moisturized hair ensuring dense shiny hair.
  • Save from external pollution. 
  • Escape from louse. A study says coconut oil is 40 % more effective in this case.
  • Coconut oil has antibacterial fungus, the system keeps the head dandruff free.
  • Save hair from protein loss.


In one word, coconut oil is undoubtedly best for caring for hair.


Uses Of Coconut Oil In Caring Hair

Uses Of Coconut Oil In Caring Hair


Uses of Coconut Oil in caring hair

Coconut oil is used for caring for hair on a large scale because of its chain fatty acid & microbial properties that save the skin from bacteria. Also, it saves the skin from pimples and removes the stain of freckles. People who are suffering from  Eczema can use coconut oil as a body oil. Dry skin gets moisturized by coconut oil. It also works as a makeup remover.


Now the question is!  where will you get pure chemical-free coconut oil?

How much trustable are those products in the market? As there is a big tension in using those chemical products.

So My Organic BD is at your side to give you trustable products. We have our system to examine the products for quality assurance of pure coconut oil. You will get the difference by using it as it is authentic & pure from other oil floating on the market.


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