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My Organic Bd.com, A 360-degree Green Beauty wellbeing eCommerce for Authentic Natural Super Foods & Organic Products with Tailor-made services like clinical nutrition, wellness, yoga, aesthetical dermatology, counseling psychology, etc.

It’s a holistic approach for a great life, has commenced their business aiming to connect people with mother nature and ensure healthy conscious living. This is the First Green Beauty Wellbeing eCommerce in Dhaka, Bangladesh which could serve all around the World!

At present, In Bangladesh, 26% of premature death is for a Balance diet! It’s not we can’t afford healthy food rather we don’t know which food which amount to consume as per individual need. 16.8 % of people facing mental health issues like Reproduction Health which is socially Taboo!

With ignorance of a Healthy lifestyle, we lead Bad lifestyle. Interestingly this is not only our problem, this is a global issue as well.

Food available in our markets are excessively contaminated, the agricultural harvest is being grown with artificial fertilizers, pesticides and later sent to market adding preservatives.

These foods and crops are very deleterious to our health and bring several hazardous diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. This is hurting Mother Nature as well. We are just consuming poison naming food.

To save people’s health from these threats we are producing, marketing & distributing natural and uncontaminated foods, products and transporting these to your doorsteps by My Organic BD.

Throughout the full cultivation process, we strive to use natural and pure stuff and methods to grow crops that Heal Nature. Nevertheless, we don’t add preservatives while vending our crops in the market.

During producing other foods, we remain conscious to ensure the salubrious and healthy standard. So, starting from producing and cultivating any food or crop till marketing or transporting to people’s homes the processes we use are hygienic and free of contamination that we can assure you.

Besides providing our own foods we sell imported Certified Organic foods which have a great demand in our country. For the KETO diet, we have great products. But before selling we check the authentic certification and hygienic standard of the foods. We are also selling organic other stuff besides foods that are not synthetic.

Our service providers are super qualified in their respected Domain with & minimum of 5 years of Hands-on Practical experience. We want you to Heal, Healthy by Your body, mind & spirit.

In order to live a healthy natural life and to save our upcoming generation, we have to immediately build a trend of consuming organic food & lead a unique life hence My Organic Bd is staying continuously beside you to make it happen.


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Gained Post 5–15lbs

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My Organic BD

A 360-degree green beauty & well-being eCommerce for Authentic Natural Super Foods & Organic Products with tailor-made services like Dieticians, Dermatologists, and Personal Wellness.



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