Welcome to My Organic BD
My Organic BD, an organic food and stuff producing and marketing company, has commenced their business aiming to connect people with mother nature and ensure healthy life. At present, Food available in our markets are excessively contaminated, agricultural harvest are being grown with artificial fertilizers, pesticides and later vended to market adding preservatives. These foods and crops are very deleterious to our health and bring several hazardous diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. we are just consuming poison naming food. To save people’s heath from these threats we are producing, marketing & distributing natural and uncontaminated foods, products and transporting these to your doorsteps by My Organic BD.

Throughout the full cultivation process, we strive to use the natural and pure stuffs and methods to grow crops. Nevertheless, we don’t add preservative while vending our crops in market. During producing other foods, we remain conscious to ensure the salubrious and healthy standard. So, starting from producing and cultivating any food or crop till marketing or transporting to people’s home the processes we use are hygienic and free of contamination that we can assure you.

Besides marketing our own foods we sell imported organic foods or stuffs which have a good demand in our country. But before selling we check the authentic certification and hygienic standard of the foods. We are also selling organic garments which are not synthetic.

In order to live a healthy and natural life and to save our upcoming generation we have to immediately build a trend of consuming and using organic food hence My Organic BD is staying continuously beside you to make it happen.

Our Vision

we want to build an earth where its inhabitants perpetually wipe out the use of poisonous stuffs and chemical during cultivation or producing food and dwell a salubrious life consuming organic food and stuffs not only save ourselves but also prevent destroying our own mother nature.

we envision that our future generation does not suffer from numerous dangerous diseases due to the consumption non-organic food

Our Mission

Our first and foremost mission is to build awareness among  people of our country about organic food, products  andof its both health and environmental benefits so that people become interested to consume organic ingredient and think twice during purchasing non-organic contaminated food and other synthetic chemical particle.

Farmers of our country are great asset who are unfortunately ignorant about the term organic cultivation. Make them Educated about organic food and Trained them about the methods of organic cultivation. It  is our responsibility to ensure fair price of their hard labor.

Last but not in the list we’ll strive to reach to all the parts of our country with our salubrious and organic food.