Organic Cinnamon oil is a plant-based oil and contains lots of properties. The functions of this oil make it healthy. We should know how this vegan-friendly oil can help us.

Let’s have some awesome facts about organic cinnamon oil.

Organic cinnamon oil:

Organic cinnamon oil can be an essential oil or food-grade oil. This vegan-friendly oil broadly uses in today’s world. It is produced from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. 

Organic cinnamon oil benefits:

Enhancing mood:

Organic cinnamon oil has the ability for aromatherapy treatments. This aromatherapy helps to combat depression, anxiety, and sound sleep issue. The scent of organic cinnamon oil is delightful, which makes it more relaxing than any other plant oil.

Having antibacterial properties:

Organic cinnamon oil can treat bacterial infections like pseudomonas aeruginosa, a life-threatening and drug-resistant bacteria that affects plants and animals. 

Aids in oral health:

Organic cinnamon oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which are very effective against bacteria and viruses. The oil prohibits mainly Streptococcus and candida species. These organisms are responsible for oral infections and cavities.

Use as disinfectants:

Organic cinnamon oil is a preservative in cosmetics and skin care products. In hospital disinfectants, cinnamon oil is used. The antibacterial properties aid in this function.

Hair growth:

Organic cinnamon oil has antifungal properties, which may prevent fungal growth in hair. This function improves hair growth and gives your hair a more shiny look.

As flavoring agents in food:

Organic cinnamon oil can use in food as a flavoring agent. It is used in candy, tea, or any baked goods. 

Use in cosmetics:

Organic cinnamon oil is used in toothpaste, soap, toiletries, mouthwashes, and body lotion. It can also use in room sprays, garlands, and candles. So, you can use it directly on your skin to benefit from the oil.

Hormonal balance:

Organic cinnamon oil contains cinnamaldehyde which increases progesterone hormone and decreases testosterone production. Thus, the oil maintains the hormonal balance in females. Cinnamon oil also improves women’s fertility, reduces menstrual pain, and keeps the body strong.

Organic Cinnamon Oil Benefits

Difference between cinnamon oil and cinnamon leaf oil:

Cinnamon bark oil needs a more critical manufacturing process than cinnamon leaf oil. The bark oil has a more intense woody aroma with a sweet scent, which is recognized by this fragrance. On the other hand, cinnamon leaf oil has a musky odor.

Cinnamon bark oil is golden yellow, whereas leaf oil is light brown to yellow. Cinnamon bark oil is more consistent, and leaf oil is less consistent.

Bark oil is used in many cosmetic products, lotions, and soaps. And leaf oil is used in candles, lotions, and other skincare products. 

Organic cinnamon oil for the face:

Cinnamon contains plant compounds like polyphenols, flavonoids, cinnamic acid, and cinnamaldehyde. These ingredients boost the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the human body. Thus, the oil fights free radicals responsible for damaging the skin. Moreover, these free radicals lead to aging and reduce skin elasticity. Therefore, wrinkles happen.

For excellent properties, cinnamon oil is used in homemade skin care products. In face masks and scrubbers, oil is used. 

Can cinnamon oil mix with other oil?

Yes, you can mix the cinnamon oil with other oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, or almond oil. These oils will work as the carrier oil for cinnamon oil. 

Side effects of cinnamon oil:

There are very rare cases of side effects. They are :

Probable Liver damage: Coumarin is present in organic cinnamon oil. But if the oil is produced from the Ceylon variety, the content will be very low. This coumarin causes kidney and liver damage for excessive use.

Interaction with diabetes medications: If cinnamon oil is used in food, then make sure it should not consume by a diabetic patient. The oil can reduce the blood sugar level lower, and it causes impacts on people. 

Skin problems: Overdosing with cinnamon oil may cause irritation, swelling, and redness. Ensure the oil is diluted by other carrier oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.

It may cause a problem to the esophagus: Cinnamon oil is not suggested to take orally without any other food. It may irritate the mucous membrane and esophagus lining. 

Possible Allergic reaction: Cinnamon oil products may cause an allergic reaction.

Cinnamon Oil

Does cinnamon oil make you sleepy?

Yes, Organic cinnamon oil has a rich nutritional profile that reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and decreases tension in the body. The oil contains terpenes named beta-pinene and sabinene, which have neuroprotective properties. Thus, the oil o reduces depression and exhaustion after a tiring day. It can calm the nervous system and muscle relaxer.

Wrap up : Organic Cinnamon Oil

Already we cover the main aspects of cinnamon oil. This organic oil seems pricey, but worth it. Do not hesitate to Buy from Amazon.

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