Extracts mainly produce from a natural source and can be used in foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. The organic cinnamon extract also makes from a natural cinnamon source. 

In this article, We will share everything you need to know about this natural extract! Its benefits, uses, shelf life, and differences from regular cinnamon. 

Organic cinnamon extract:

Cinnamon extract is the more concentrated form of cinnamon, and it prepares from the cinnamon bar directly. The flavor is more intense. The extract is produced by dissolving the cinnamon in alcohol. Then straining is done to get the solids from the mixture. The process is the same as vanilla extract.

Around the world, a cinnamon extract is prepared from cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is expensive, and it is less used in preparation.

Difference between cinnamon and cinnamon extract

Cinnamon is the main ingredient of cinnamon extract. The extract is prepared by grinding the cinnamon and putting it in liquid. The nutritional profile is the same in both, but the flavor is more intense in the extract. So, if you need a strong cinnamon flavor, you should go for cinnamon extract.

Shelf life of cinnamon extract:

Organic Cinnamon extract has better shelf life than ground cinnamon. But make sure you store it in a dry, cool place. You can also keep it in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life. In proper management, Cinnamon extract shelf life can be 3 to 4 years.

Benefits of having cinnamon extract:

  1. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels and slow food movement from the stomach to the small intestine. It is used in type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. The extract has been used to reduce serum glucose.
  2. Cinnamon extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The properties help to fight infection and reduce inflammation in the body. But the concept is different for allergic people who may have a rash from having allergic foods.
  3. It is used to treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 
  4. The extract can potentially reduce cancer in the body, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, etc. The extract can maintain the DNA structure in your body. So, the susceptibility to having cancer reduces.
  5. Cinnamon extract has a high content of fiber which helps in reducing weight. The fiber content binds with fat and gives you fullness. Thus, Boost weight loss.

When to use organic cinnamon extract?

The cinnamon extract has a strong flavor. For this reason, it is used in whipped cream, oatmeal recipes, cookies, homemade nut milk, ice cream, banana bread, yogurt, etc. You can also use the cinnamon extract in any bread or sauce.

Out of food, the extract can use in making beauty products, supplements, Medicine etc.

Use it without hesitation if you are aware of alcohol. Halal certified organic cinnamon extract is normally available in both Food grade & medical-grade.

Organic Cinnamon extract : How to prepare in a home?

To prepare cinnamon extract at home, follow the steps:

  1. Take 4-5 cinnamon sticks to a 250ml mason jar. The jar must be clean and free from dirt and germs. If the bars are too long, put the sticks by cutting them into small pieces.
  2. Then fill the jar with alcohol by keeping one- or two inches of headspace. 
  3. Close the jar tightly.
  4. Then one cup of water adds to the pressure cooker, and place the jar in the trivet inside the pressure cooker. Ensure cooking at high pressure for 30 minutes.
  5. After cooking, use the natural release.
  6. Then keep the mason jar for cooling purposes. Then the cinnamon extract is ready for use in different recipes after cooling.
  7. Keep the jar safely in a dark and dry place.

Is cinnamon extract good as cinnamon powder?

The nutritional benefit is almost the same in cinnamon extract and cinnamon powder. The cinnamon extract is in liquid form, but the cinnamon powder is in solid form. Only the cinnamon extract has a strong flavor than cinnamon powder. The cinnamon powder is convenient to use, as it can take anywhere. Without this convenience, no more differences are present. 

The extract is easy to use in the Pharma industry. 

Who should not take?

Too much cinnamon extract might cause many problems for your body. The children, more miniature adults, and people with liver and kidney disease should avoid having much cinnamon extract. They can have cinnamon for occasional use.

Though the cinnamon extract has many benefits, overdose may create irritation and allergic reaction. So be careful about the consumption value.

Conclusion :

If you are this far, surely you know the basics of organic cinnamon extract. Feel free to use it with the proper amount. Buy organic cinnamon extract from Amazon!


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