Do you know Talmakhana’s benefits? It’s a kind of herb, known for its medicinal properties. It grows mainly all over the India.

In this article we know the basics of Talmakhna, uses (specially seeds & powder), Tips.

What is Talmakhna?

Talmakhana ( in Bangla তালমাখনা) is one type of wetland herbs and weeds. Its tree is usually 50 cm. to 1 meter tall in height. In addition, many branches come out from its stem. The flowers are bright purple-red or purple white.

Talmakhana seeds are small, round, looking a lot like sesame seeds, but the color of the seeds is dark brown. When the seeds are soaked in water, they become sticky.

Let’s know some valuable information about তালমাখনা

Common name in Bangla: Kulekhara

Unani name: Talmakhna

Ayurvedic name: Kokilaksha

English name: Star Thorn

Where to get it: Generally it is found in wet areas of Asian countries. For instance, in Bangladesh, It is found in different low-lying areas where there is water for some time of the year. 

Time and method of planting: Talmakhana flowers and fruits grow in the month of November to January. And new plants come from their seed.

Chemical constituents of Talmakhana: On the surface part, it has alkaloids, phytosterols, stigmasterols, volatile oils, and hydrocarbons.  Oil and enzymes are present in the seeds and apigenin in the flowers. 

Usable part: Seeds





Talmakhana Benefits, Medicinal Properties, and Uses

Talmakhana Benefits

The medicinal properties and benefits of তালমাখনা are enormous. In other words, these small seeds or Talmakhana powder are solutions for some unwanted issues which you want to solve. Let’s know the benefits and medicinal properties.

  • Nutritious for health,
  • Increase sperm count and thickness naturally
  • Brings spirit to the body 
  • For curing leukorrhea, spermatogenesis, sexual drawback, and nervous weakness it works great. 
  • For digestion, gas, and stomach pain Talamakhana can be a great solution
  • Its seeds are also jaundice and liver diseases
  • Helpful for eye disorders and abdominal disorders

Talmakhana uses

Talmakhana seeds benefit use depends on the issues you are looking forward to solving. However, You have to use Talmakhna powder for curing some diseases. Here you will get some instructions about using it according to the issue.

  • Problem : Less nutrition of the body and general weakness
    Quantity- 3 gm
    Using Method- Have the powder and 1 gm Asparagus powder with milk on an empty stomach in the morning and during sleeping time at night.


  • Problem- Spermatozoa and Leukorrhea
    Quantity- 3 gm
    Using Method- Mix 1 gram tamarind seed powder with the powder and serve yourself twice a day with milk.


  • Problem- Sexual and nervous weakness
    Quantity- 3 gm
    Using Method- Mix 1 gram of Ashwagandha powder and 3 teaspoons of honey with the powder and serve twice daily.

To know more please read the benefits of Talmakahna.

Quick Tips

It is not advisable to consume more than a certain amount of Talmakhana. Because it can cause flatulence or gas.

Wrap Up

As you get to know from this article, Talmakhna is a great natural remedy for some health problems. Its medicinal properties are excellent and easy to use.  You can easily get তালমাখনা powder in any wellness shop or e-commerce site. In conclusion, if you or your near ones are facing any kind of health issues, try it.


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