Beef Meat


Beef is a very tasty food. It is incomparable not only in taste but also in nutrition. Beef is considered the biggest source of protein. Though in present times health-conscious people are trying to avoid this meat due to health complications. But beef has certain useful sides. By eating a controlled amount, one can avail of a balanced protein.

Every day the eatable level is 3 ounces or 85gm. From every 3 ounces, you will get 34% zinc. Beef is the source of natural B-complex, Vitamin(1) (Thiamine) 4%, Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) , 15% B-3 ( Niacin), 36% B-6 29%, Vitamin B-9( Follet), B-12 110%.


Nutritional Fact Of Beef Meat

Nutritional Fact Of Beef Meat


Also with this required amount of fat-soluble Vitamin can be achieved from beef. Vitamin D 1%, vitamin E 3% & vitamin K 1% are in beef. In 250gm calorie, cholesterol 30%, Sodium 3%, Potassium 9%, colline 17%.

Also there is minerals which contain Calcium- 2%, Copper-43%, Iron-20%, Magnesium- 6%, Manganese-1%, phosphorus-28% selenium-31%, Sodium-5% & Zinc-66%.

So, it can be said that Beef meat is a very nutritious food. But over or excessive eating is not good for health. It can be bad rather than good. Health issues will be prioritized during cooking & eating. With moderate eating health can be greatly benefited.


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