Talmakana has countless benefits, according to traditional treatments. But how many benefits of talmakhana are backed by science? Should you use it?

For the Talmakhana research, we studied all the scientific papers and trusted information. There, we discovered all the scientific experiments and clear explanations of what it does to our bodies. 

I am Azad, a Microbiologist from MyOrganicBD team. We have cumulative 41 years of experience on organic food, nutrition, and wellness content. Count on me for proven facts about the benefits of Talmakhna!

Apart from studies, We experiment talmakhana to get practical knowledge in current day’s! Our whole team take this for a month. When we soak a handful of talmakhana seeds in the water, it clots and forms a giant gelly bal! However, our experience with Talmakhana was very good. We love it for the benefits.

Talmakhana Gelly Ball In Water

This article has a simplified version about Talmakhana. All information are combining scientific facts, traditional usage, and personal experience. Here is the must-read article if you are interested in talmakhana benefits.

Talmakhana: Quick look!

Talmakhana, scientifically Asteracantha longifolia, is a wetland herb that has several health benefits and disease-curing effects. It is popularly used for sexual dysfunction but has many benefits for heart, liver, kidney, and other chronic diseases.

It is native to tropical areas of the Indian subcontinent and Africa. It is also known as Kulekhara in Bangla and kokilākṣa in Hindi. The plant grows up to 60 cm, with blue and purple flowers.

Benefits Of Talmakhana

Why it’s important?

Traditional medicines have been there for thousands of years. Herbal plants contain huge medicinal value. But the only problem with herbal medicine is often, they lack proper evidence to rely on. 

Talmakhana is not an exception. According to traditional treatment guides, it has dozens of benefits, such as

  • Liver problems
  • Kidney stones
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Constipation
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Jaundice
  • Arthritis
  • white discharge
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Gall stone
  • Depression.
  • Skincare.
  • Neurotic problem.

Doesn’t it seem too good to be true?

Remember, there is room to underestimate herbal medicines. According to Medical Botany, more than 40 percent of modern medicine is from plants. But before using herbal medicine, it is essential to know the real benefits you can rely on.

Researchers from Dr. H. S. Gour University in India conducted important research on the advantages of Talmakhana. They applied it to mice and observed the results. The research answers many questions about talmakhana.

Let’s find out nine benefits you can get from talmakhana.

Nine benefits of Talmakhana you need to know

  • Diabetes

Talmakhana has good evidence that it helps reduce blood sugar. About 422 million people are suffering from diabetes. Research shows Mouse had lower blood sugar after consuming talmakhana. If you can not control your blood sugar, talmakhana might be an excellent organic food supplement.

You must be serious about controlling your blood sugar. High blood sugar can lead to kidney disease, heart disease, lower eyesight, and many more. Note that too low blood sugar is also bad. So, you must not over eating talmakhana. Alternatively, you can also take organic dried fig or fig leaf tea for blood sugar.

Talmakhana For Sexual Health

  •  Sexual health booster

Talmakhana has been used for sexual problems for ages in traditional treatments. But does science back this? The answer is yes! Researchers applied ethanoic seed extract on the rats to determine if it had sexual benefits.

They found that talamakana increased sexual activity among the rats. It also increases the sperm count and testosterone level.

  • Benificious for the liver and kidney

Talmakna reduces harmful acids in the kidney. It indicates that it’s good for kidney wellness. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine uses it for many kidney diseases. 

It is more beneficial for improving kidney health. But, it may not have a good impact on specific kidney diseases. For example, research does not back up any clue that talmakhana is good for kidney stones. 

Talmakna also does not have any effect on the gallstones. There are no easy ways to remove gallstones with medicines. Sergury is way more practical for gallstone treatment.

Talmakhana Benefits For Kidney &Amp; Liver

  • It protects the liver from toxins

Our liver is the chemical reaction chamber of our body. Some chemicals disturb the balance and function of the liver. Those are known as hepatoxic. Talmakhana has some component that binds with those toxins and protects the liver from damage.

In the modern age, we depend on processed and chemical food. Alcohol, medicines, and chemicals in our food may have cancer-causing agents in our liver and body. Taking talmakhana can detox your liver from those harmful agents.

  • Beneficial for the nerve cells

Nerve cells are one of the most crucial cells for us. Why can we feel if we get hurt? Because the nervous system carries all the signals in our body. The nervous system or nerve cells are vulnerable to some toxic chemicals. talmakhana seeds and leaves neutralize the toxins harmful to the nervous system.

A better and healthy nervous system can significantly boost your physical and mental health. 

  • Pain relief and depression

The nervous system is closely related to our brain, pain, and mood. The nerve sends all the signals to our brain. So, depression can be connected to poor nerve signaling. Talmakna might also be a solution for your mood swings or depression. 

Pain is another thing that is related to the nervous system. Sometimes, our nervous system can overreact and cause unbearable pain. Talmakhna can be beneficial for those cases.

  • Urinary tract infection

Research shows that talmakhana seeds have excellent antibacterial properties. It may relieve urinary tract infections. A bacterial infection in the urinary tract causes urinary tract infection. Talmakna has a bacteria-killing ability that may help to clear out the infection. 

  • Skincare

The antibacterial properties of talmakhana can be beneficial for the skin. Countless bacteria live in our skin and feed on dead cells and oil. They sometimes infect and block the hair follicle and cause acne and other common skin conditions. talmakhana face pack can clean your skin and remove harmful bacteria. 

Talmakhana seed powder is more convenient for skin care than talmakhana seeds. Sowing the seed with water clogs it together and creates a gel-like formation.

  • Cancer and tumour protection

Experiments with the talmakhana effect on waster rats show that talmakhana can prevent and slow down the formation of tumors and cancer. It also increases GPx and CAT components in the rat’s body, which have antitumor activity. Researchers believe it may form good protection against breast cancer.

How to take talmakhana?

Talmakhana has fiber, vitamins, and great food values. Still, as it has some medicinal effects, you should eat it in moderation.

The dosage of talmakhana can vary, but generally, it’s ¼ teaspoon to ½ teaspoon talmakhana powder twice daily. If you have seeds, take half a teaspoon twice a day. You can use honey, milk, or simply water to talmakhana seeds. It’s almost tasteless and should not cause problems if you get used to the gel.

(Disclaimer : Our mission is to provide the most valuable insights to enhance your well-being. All the information is from valid sources. However, they are not alternatives to certified doctors’ suggestions. Please visit medical experts for professional guidance on health complications.)

Our Final Thoughts : benefits of talmakhana

Analyzing all the scientific data and traditional usages, we can conclude that Talmakana is a precious treasure from Mother Nature. 

Talmakana is good for kidneys, liver, and blood purification. It has excellent power in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure. Its antibacterial and antitumor ability can benefit UTIs and protect against cancer and tumors.

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