A pumpkin is one of the familiar and favourite vegetables of all.  The popularity of its seeds is similar to this sweet tasted vegetable. It is one of the super foods for excellent health ingredients. Pumpkin seeds Look flat and somewhat yellowish in color.

Benefits of pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seeds contain some of the essential ingredients of the body.  Such as protein, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper.  So it worthy to say, this little seed is very useful in healing the body.


Protects bone structure

In order to protect the bone structure of the human body, calcium is required to be consumed only through food.  Because it is not produced in the body. In this case, pumpkin seeds will be able to meet the demand of calcium.

It also contains zinc and magnesium.  So pumpkin seeds can cure various bone problems and osteoporosis.


Ensures good sleep

Pumpkin seeds act as a natural sleep medicine.  It contains tryptophan, which is converted to a neurochemical called serotonin to ensure deep sleep.  So those who have irregular sleep problems can overcome this problem by eating this seed daily.


Beneficial for diabetes

Many diabetic patients cannot control blood sugar properly.  Pumpkin seeds lower sugar levels.  So it is especially effective for type-2 diabetes.

A large quantities of magnesium is available in pumpkin seed. This ingredient is primarily responsible for sugar level control. A study has also proven this to be true. So without worrying about sugar, start eating pumpkin seeds regularly.


Helps to lose weight

This small seed will keep you away from consuming more food.  Basically, pumpkin seeds keep the stomach full for a long time, so the tendency to hunger is reduced.  As a result, the weight loss process is also simplified.


Lower the risk of heart disease

The rate of heart disease is highest in our country.  Millions of people suffer from various cardiac problems like heart attack & stroke.

Omega-3, omega-6, antioxidant and fiber of this seeds are very useful for heart.  It helps in controlling cholesterol levels. It also reduces the amount of triglyceride in the blood.  Again, blood pressure is also reduced.  Through these practices, pumpkin seeds reduce the risk of heart disease and protect it.


Pumpkin seeds during pregnancy

This seed is as nutritious to the mother during pregnancy as it is to the fetus. Beta-carotene of pumpkin seeds helps to improve fetal heart, bone, eyes, kidneys, lungs and nerves. Pumpkin seeds are counted as a very beneficial diet during pregnancy.  Its iron helps to provide oxygen to the fetus’s body.  Zinc and Omega-3 help in the brain development and nerve system.

Therefore, pumpkin seeds should be added as part of the daily breakfast during maternity.


Acts as an antioxidant

Pumpkin seeds can reduce the amount of inflammation in the body.  Its carotenoids and vitamin E serve as good antioxidant. It does not allow harmful cells to grow in the body. As a result, the body is free from disease.


Prevent cancer

Thousands of people are dying of deadly cancer. Since there is no antidote to the disease, it is advisable to prevent it.

One study suggests that existing lignin in pumpkin seeds plays an effective role in preventing breast cancer.  It is also known to help prevent cancer of the kidney.


Improves men’s sperm

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which helps to reduce the risk of male fertility. The quality of the sperm is degraded due to the small amount of zinc.  The fear of infertility also increases. Pumpkin seed also rises testosterone levels.  As a result, it helps to maintain the quality of the sperm.


Pumpkin seeds for skin care

The valuable ingredients of pumpkin seeds are very effective in skin health.  Its vitamins A and C help to keep the skin youthful by increasing the amount of collagen. It can also be used as an anti-aging.

Its beta-carotene and Omega-3 acts as an anti-inflammatory on the skin. So using as scrubs can get rid of problems like acne.


Pumpkin seeds in the nutrition of the hair

This wonderful seed helps to enhance the natural beauty of your hair and remove hair problems.  Eliminates dryness of hair and makes the hair soft and radiant.  Strengthens the root of the hair and reduces hair fall.


This little pumpkin seed has thousands of advantage. It’s not too difficult to add it to the food list.  So eat this nutritious diet regularly and enjoy its benefits.


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