Luglio Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500 ml

৳ 600.00

✔ Category: Healthy Oil
✔ Origin: Italy
✔ Weight: 500 ml

Special Features

✔ Superior category olive oil
✔ Obtained directly from olives
✔ Solely by mechanical means
✔ Blend of olive oils of European Union origin


✔ Reduces cholesterol level

✔ Controls blood sugar

✔ Help to lose weight

✔ Solving digestive problems

✔ Increases immunity

✔ Cancer resistant

✔ Controls blood pressure

✔ Eliminates depression

✔ Good for skin and hair


✔ Store in a cool place
✔ Keep away from heat and light sources
✔ Best before end 

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Luglio Olio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extravirgin olive oil is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, honored by UNESCO’s world heritage acknowledgment. Luglio extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of olives, harvested at the right stage of maturation.

The Protected Designation of Origin (P. D. O.) is the important recognition for the value and the quality by which the European Community assures customers about the geographical area of origin and the uniqueness of olive oil production methods in “Terra di Bari”.


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