✔ Category: Healthy Oil
✔ Origin: Thailand
✔ Weight: 500 ml

Special Features

✔ Flavourless & Odourless

✔ Sustainably sourced

✔ Provide clean and instant energy

✔ Metabolism booster

✔ Great for Athletes & bodybuilders

✔ Suitable for Ketogenic diet


✔ Promotes weight loss

✔ Good energy source

✔  Reduce the risk of heart diseases

✔  Controls blood sugar levels


✔ Not recommended for cooking with high heat
✔ Store in a tightly sealed original container 
✔ Keep away from sunlight
✔ Store in a cool and dry place 
✔ After opening, the product can be refrigerated 
✔ Advised to consult a physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition