Jayatri is a very common and widely used spice in the Indian kitchen. This spice is made from a fruit called Jaifal which is also the source of jaifal gura masala. Although Indian uses this spice largely in their cooking, its native origin is in Banda, Malacca which is a small island of Indonesia. After collecting the mature fruit from the tree it needs to dry for a long time. It has red peel and small seeds which has to be separated from the fruit before making spice. The popular jaiyatri gura produces from the red peel of that fruit after some continuous process.

Jayatri is largely used in sweet dishes. Sweet dishes like paias, custard, Pie etc. get the extra flavor by using a little bit of Jayatri gura. European or American people apply the spice to prepare cake, Donuts, Jellies etc. Chef from the luxurious hotel to normal housewife everybody loves to use this spice to bring special flavor in cooking. In our country, it is used to cook meat, baked food, pudding, biryani etc. Jayatri is being used in food processing system since the ancient time.  These spices were found almost in every Mughali dishes, it was a common spice which was always use in Dutch and Arabic cooking to bring perfection to taste. The popularity of this spice has spread all over the world, mainly Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Iran etc. and many American and European countries also.

If you think Jayatri use only to add flavor and taste in cooking, then you are wrong. It has also great health benefits which can solve your many daily common problems. It is effective at solving any kind of gastric problem or digestion trouble or constipation. Along with that, it helps to prevent diseases like nausea or diarrhea. Jayatri is beneficial to people who want to gain weight, it maintains normal blood pressure and prevents anxiety. It is also effective at kidney disease. Jayatri strengthens the unhealthy teeth, destroys bacteria which causes the bad smell. Those who have cough diseases; they can save the cost of medicine by using this spice to cook.  It used as a drug or medicine in the eastern region of the world for its various medicinal properties and specialties.

Using jayatri in cooking is not just making food delicious; it is the way to protect your family from diseases. Don’t forget to use this while cooking; it will help to make your family healthy, active and energetic. Jayatri is a mysterious spice with fabulous fragrance and beneficial qualities.

Source: Wikipedia

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