Organic fig milk benefits are immense. Fig trees are the miracle of nature. You can eat figs, drink fig leaf tea, use fig seed oil, and even consume fig milk! Who needs a cow when you can get vegan fig milk and make cheese? (they actually are different.)

Fig milk benefits are studied less than other parts of figs. Still, I found some pretty impressive information that you may find helpful. It contains some components that may cause skin irritation and digestive issues. However, cosmetics made of fig milk are usually free from those drawbacks.

I am Azad, a microbiologist from Team MyOrganicBd, with forty-three years of cumulative experience about organic products, nutrition, and wellness. I noticed a lot of misinformation about fig milk all over the internet. With our scientific knowledge and writing expertise, We will provide clear and concise information about different aspects of fig milk.

The term “fig milk” often confuses fig with milk recipes and fig latex from fig trees. A Milkshake made of dried figs and milk is healthy and something you can always try. But in this article, when I mention fig milk, I mean fig sap from fig trees. Let’s jump into the main part of the article.

What is fig milk?

Fig milk is a white-colored milk-like sap that a fig tree releases when you break any part of the fig tree. It can be fig fruit, fig leaf, or branches. Fig milk is usually sweet with a hint of bitterness. It contains different proteins, enzymes, latex, and other components with powerful antibacterial effects.

What is fig milk good for? Fig milk benefits.

The benefits and effects of fig milk are not a well-researched topic. More scientific research is required to get a clearer perspective. Here are the benefits of fig milk according to traditional use and some scientific reports.

Source of calcium

Calcium requires a proper amount of vitamin D for better absorption. Fig milk is a good vitamin D and calcium source, which can boost bone health and help grow new bone cells.

Treats warts

Fig milk has been a popular traditional remedy for warts from old times. What component of fig milk helps to reduce warts is unknown. Still, a practical study suggests it has an almost 50% success rate in removing warts. We need more advanced research to draw an accurate conclusion. For now, we know it works for some people.

So, how do you use it to remove warts? Follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Break a fig leaf and apply the fig milk over your warts immediately. Do not use it near your eyes or sensitive areas.
  • Step 2: The fig milk will become sticky after some time. Let it dry over your warts.
  • Step 3: Repeat the process twice daily for 7-10 days. 

Fig Milk Benefits

Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Fig milk has fantastic antifungal and antibacterial properties. When a portion of the fig tree is damaged or broken, fig milk protects the damaged part from fungal and bacterial infection. Applying fig milk to the skin may reduce the risk of acne and other bacterial skin conditions. Fig milk is also considered an effective remedy for ringworm.


Fig milk has great nourishment and moisturizing power. It does not moisturize itself but can lock moisture in the skin and make it look healthy and elastic. But as raw fig milk can irritate and is unsuitable for direct use, you can use fig tree skin products for similar effects without drawbacks.

Vegan fig milk cheese

Fig milk cheese, while not very popular, is indeed enjoyed by some people. Fig milk cheese’s benefits and nutritional potentials still need to be studied. Can fig milk cheese replace real cheese? No. Both have entirely different taste, smell, and nutritional value. 

Traditional cheese is an excellent source of protein and calcium. In contrast, fig milk cheese has more fiber and vitamins and less protein. 

How to make fig milk?

After researching many blogs and YouTube videos, my mission to find a quick way to collect fig milk ended in disappointment! There is no 1,2,3 method to collect fig milk. Here is the relatively easy way from our own experience.

Things you will need:

  • Small knife
  • Glass tube
  • Hand gloves
  • Manpower (if you want to collect fast)


  1. Wear hand gloves and prepare with the tube and knife.
  2. Break a leaf in the top part of the fig tree.
  3. Hold the tube and collect 2-3 drops of precious fig milk.
  4. You can make minor cuts in the green part of the tree and collect the milk. Don’t cut too deep, as it can hurt the tree.
  5. Repeat this method until you don’t get a satisfactory amount of fig sap. You may need to collect it for several days to make cheese.
  6. You can ask your siblings or neighbors kid to join you by offering them chocolates. More people, less work! 

Caution: Ensure the sap does not contact anyone’s skin in the sun. It can cause severe irritation and redness. (phytophotodermatitis)

How To Make Fig Milk?

How to make fig milk cheese

Fig milk cheese is one of the best things you can make with fig milk. The taste may not resemble milk cheese, but it will surely be healthy and unique. Making cheese from fig sap is a long and fun process. 

You need to collect a good amount of fig milk and add citric acid to coagulate the protein or crude from the fig milk. After heating, processing, and adding salt (if you like), you will get healthy cheese made from fig milk. Check out more detailed process on Garden Variety’s website.

Interested in organic dried figs and their features? Here is a detailed article : Benefits of organic dried fig.

FAQ : Fig Milk Benefits

What is the sticky residue from fig?

The sticky residue from fig is fig sap or fig milk. If your skin comes into contact with fig milk, it can cause irritation and redness if you do not wash it.

What is the white bloom in dried fig?

The white bloom or white spot in dried figs may look like fungus or mold, but it can also be the crystallized sugar that turns white. Look at the dried fig closely to understand if it is fungus bloom or sugar crystal.

Warping up

Fig milk is often an ignored part of the fig plant, but it has immense potential as food and supplement for well-being. As of now, we know it’s suitable for making vegan cheese, which is an excellent remedy for skin infections and ringworm. Fig milk benefits and nourishes the skin when used correctly. 

However, as it can also be connected with skin irritation and digestive problems, we should use it carefully and with proper knowledge.

Fig milk products are pretty rare, too. Here is one you can consider : Yope Fig Tree Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

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