Chia seeds


Chia seeds have been considered one of the “superfoods” of the world for a while. It is a kind of corn. Despite being originated from Mexico, it is very popular, especially in California and Britain. Chia seed is the edible seed collected from the plant Salvia Hispanica. 

The taste of chia seed is close to that of mint leaves. It can be of two types- either black or white, in color. This small seed holds a high level of food quality.


Let’s get to know a little bit more about this superfood


  • Chia seed contains a high level of antioxidant

Antioxidant plays a big role in protecting the internal cells of our skin and body. The antioxidant from chia seeds maintains the essential fat under our skin. It also helps fight fine lines and damage to skin cells.


  • Chia seed contains a high level of protein

Protein is essential for our body. However, too much protein may create a diverse effect. Considering this case, chia seeds can be a more convenient food item. From consuming 1 ounce or 28grams of chia seed every day you can get 4grams of protein. Those who can’t have regular protein foods or those who are vegetarians can have chia seeds as a source of protein.


Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds


  • Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid

Similar to Linseed, chia seeds are highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Research showed that chia seeds contain more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon fish. In omega-3 fatty acids, the most important component is ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which keeps the heart-healthy.


  • Chia seed in maintaining bone health

We all know that protein is essential to keep our bones healthy and strong. It has been found from recent research that chia seed contains calcium, phosphorus, and protein, all in one place. Chia seeds contain about 18% of calcium, which is higher than that of any typical dairy product. For both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, chia seeds can be the best source of calcium.


  • Lessening sugar levels in the blood

The increasing level of sugar in the blood is an indicator of Type-2 diabetes. This can also put the heart at risk of diseases.

But it is a fact of hope that regular intake of chia seeds lessens the sensitivity of insulin in blood flow, and thus keeps the sugar level and your heart under good care.


  • Lessens the risk of skin infection

Skin infection has become a part of our daily life due to pollution, unhealthy foods, and chemicalized cosmetics. Chia seeds can help protect your skin from infection.

A daily intake of 37grams of chia seeds can help solve this problem. Mainly, the regular intake increases the amount of oxygen in skin cells and keeps the blood cells healthy. Which results in brightened skin from both outside and inside.


  • Help in weight-loss

Chia seeds can be a perfect addition to your diet list. However, if you take chia seeds, these will become fluffy once inside the stomach and keep the stomach full for a long time. This will decrease the intake of extra food and get rid of the extra weight. One thing that should be added here, is that chia seeds help with digestion as well.


Chia seeds are quite beneficial for the human body. It helps take care of you both internally and externally. So, it can be said that chia seeds help a lot with keeping yourself healthy and maintaining the welfare of the skin as well.


How to Eat Chia Seeds?

You can have chia seeds in various ways according to your preference. You can add it with your salads or juice, or add it with your daily oatmeal for breakfast. However, it is not quite a good idea to add these seeds directly while cooking any food. Rather, you could add it to food after the cooking is done.


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