Super Fruits

The fruits that are king or queen among the other popular fruits are super fruits. Fruits are the blessing of God and in many religions, they claim to be holy properties.

People all over the world like fresh fruits and they hardly know about all the super fruits names.

Like mango is the king fruit of Bangladesh and Fuzzy-kiwifruit is the national fruit of China.

Different fruits with different abilities to fulfill your needs. Fruits are not only nutritious but also extremely helpful for your body.

Fruits are very helpful for the body as they cure many diseases and also different food having different abilities like clean skin, brighten skin, fight against cancer, help you to lose weight, remedy for heart disease and many more medicine capabilities.

The Meaning of Super Fruits?
The term Super Fruits mean a group of popular fruits enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acid, enzymes, co-enzymes, healthy fat, and antioxidants called Super Fruits.

Superfruits are beneficial to health and they are globally popular among peoples. Apple is such a fruit that is most popular and everyone likes it.

Apple alone has many and many fruits values. Eating apple a day can cure you of many diseases.

Not only apple have all the abilities but there are a hundred fruits that have different types of purposes and also popular among different peoples.

Scientist believes that super fruits are the main reason for reducing peoples aging problems. As lemon that has the power to glow your skin.

Benefits of Super Fruits:
Superfruits are highly beneficial to your body and you can try them often.

Each of the fruits containing different levels of nutrition that are essential for the growth and immune of your body. In many countries, people only eat fruits and meats.

Peoples who aware of their health eat fresh fruits every day.

As figs use for controlling high blood sugar levels, Blueberries are perfect for brain health, kiwi uses for good digestion, and lemon for glowing and good skin.

There are more and more of the super spices we are going to discuss next.

List of Super Fruits:
There are a lot of super fruits in the lists but we are going to discuss some of the popular fruits among them and we are going to tell everything you need to know about the above fruits:

Dragon Fruit
These trees are large if you grow them from seeds. Apple is the most known and delicious fruit to people.

You will hardly find any people who don’t like apples. There is a proverb ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Apple contains 86% of water,14% carbohydrates sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

You can eat all parts of the apple including skin but apple seeds are not eatable. There are hundreds of recipes people making every day using apple.

Apple pie, apple crisp, and apple cake are the desserts you will hear about. Also, you can eat apples by making apple juice, using vinegar, apple jelly, apple butter, and cooking.

There is no toxic issue except the seeds. Apple seeds contain a small amount of toxicity nut it will not make you sick.

The largest and one of the sweetest fruit in the world is jackfruit. It came from Portuguese to India and now we are having the benefit.

Jackfruit trees can be 10 to 20 m tall also last for about 90 to 100 years. After the summer jackfruits ripe during the rainy season.

Every fruit contains about 100-500 seeds. Ripe jackfruit is naturally sweet and people make many dishes with it. You can eat the seeds from ripe jackfruit by cooking.

With high nutritional value jackfruit contain sugar, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, fat, protein, vitamins, high amount of minerals, and water.

People use the unripe fruit and seeds in curry in a country like Bangladesh, here jackfruit grows naturally everywhere.

In Indonesia and Malaysia jackfruit the name of jackfruit is “Nangka” and they also have various uses for this super fruit.

Because of the high nutritional value, you should try jackfruit when it is the season.

People calling Mango the king of the fruits in Bangladesh(a developing country in Asia).

They grow up to 35-40m tall and they can live up to 300 years. You will be happy to know that India alone cultivates half of the mangoes alone.

Besides that Bangladesh, China, Spain, Africa, Australia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Korea also cultivate this fruit.

You can eat the full fruit except for the skin and the seeds. World-wide people using unripe mangoes in pickles, chutney, and many other recipes.

You can eat ripe mangoes and make juice, smoothy, and many other delicious things.

Per 100g of ripe mango contain 259kj(kilo Jule) of energy and from this data, you can imagine the fruit value of mango.

A ripe fresh fruit like mango contains sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

For health value, we always recommend you to eat a ripe mango when it is available in the season.

When it came to nutritional value with vitamin c, we recognize in mind orange.

Originate from china near northeast India and Myanmar, orange was mentioned in 314 BC.

It is possible to grow orange in good and fertile soil. Brazil, China, India, Mexico, the USA, and many other countries are the main producer of Orange in the world.

There are many groups of oranges available in the world like the Mandarin orange, the Bitter orange, Bergamot orange, and the Trifoliate orange.

You see the sweet orange is the hybrid of pomelo and mandarin orange.

In medical terms, all people like Oranges, and doctors suggest patients eat orange to grow their immune system.

Containing 64% of the vitamin c and other compounds like minerals, sugar, energy, and many more, it is a really good fruit for health.

Grape is such a sweet fruit having all the nutritional values and is everyone likes it most.

It is a berry and the main fact is that only the organic yeast grows in the grapes body and that is the main reason people find out about wine.

In Persia, the famous Shirazi wine was made named after the city shiraz.

Grapes are different in color and taste, colors are like crimson, black, dark blue, yellow-green, orange, and pink.

With 18 % of carbohydrates,1% protein, and fat grape is a mixture of true energy. Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, and many other countries are the main sources of grapes right now.

you can eat the grape and also dry them for future use. Grapes are the most powerful antioxidants and you should make the habit of eating this juicy fruit often.

Pomegranate trees usually grow 5 to10 m high and they were seen first in the late 16th century.

They are extremely long-living trees in the world many surviving about 200 years or more.

Pomegranate is very nutritious to eat and tasty with a high food value. It purifies the blood and makes your skin glow.

People use Pomegranate in many deserts and food. People using this magnificent fruit in many of the delicious diseases nowadays.

In Indias ancient Ayurveda they use the Pomegranate for many disease remedies.

Containing carbohydrates, sugar, protein, vitamins, and minerals Pomegranate are full of energy and probably the best super fruit of them all.

When it came to Strawberries we discovered cute little fruits that test so sweet that everyone likes them and wants to eat them at those moments.

The first garden Strawberry grows in Brittany France in the 18th century. Before that this fruit was mentioned in ancient Roman literature for its medical usages.

Strawberries are that much attractive that more than 200 species of pets attack them directly or indirectly in many places in the world.

China, the USA, Mexico, Egypt, and many other countries are the main producing countries in the world.

Per 100g of Strawberry, we got about 1366kj(kilo Jule) of energy with fat, vitamins, sugar, fiber, and minerals. Enrich with vitamin c Strawberry is the popular fruit among the medical term.

In many dishes, people use Strawberries. you can make juice and also many pies, many countries use them in cake also.

Maybe originally originate from Mexico avocado is a fruit that is very nutritious and sweet to eat.

They can be grown from seeds and the trees mainly live in the tropical climate like not too much rain and dry.

Now Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Indonesia, and Colombia generate most of the avocadoes in the world. This fruit contains monounsaturated fat that helps you to diet.

salad, cooking and many dishes we see avocados. Mostly cooking, salad, smoothy, and juice also you can eat them normally.

Containing much energy, pantothenic acid(B5), and many minerals like potassium avocado are the right fruit for your health.

Raising from 3-10 feet tomato is the fruit which is known to all. In every country we see this glorious super fruit using everywhere.

People have given many efforts to cultivate this fruit across the world naturally and also by genetically modified. You can use tomatoes in every food and every salad or juice.

People use this fruit for diet and also in many of the popular dishes in the world. Salad, soup, sauce, cooking or eating everywhere you will find tomatoes there.

China, India, the united states, turkey, and Egypt are the main country to produce tomatoes worldwide.

Containing much of the vitamin c and energy with minerals like manganese we should use tomatoes daily if we can.

Many scientists inventing many new techniques to grow tomatoes and they succeed nicely. We now see tomatoes use everywhere and in most foods.

Papaya is the fruit of joy. The tree grows about 5 to 10 m tall and the fruit we see on the top of the tree-like coconut trees.

It is generated from Mexico and Central America and then distributed across the whole world.

You will find two types of papaya the one with sweet red or orange and the other is yellow.

India, Brazil, Mexico, and many other countries are cultivating the world production of papaya. Both the ripe and the unripe papayas are safe to eat.

You can eat the ripe papaya directly and the unripe by cooking. Filipino pickled, som tam from Thailand, papaya jam, and many Bangladeshi dishes are made of papaya.

Full of vitamin A, energy, and minerals like magnesium papaya is the best fruit for eating. It clears the stomach digestive problem and also makes you healthy.

Regular eating of papaya can kill all the bad worm stuck in your stomach.

This is a flowering plant and the name of the fruit is Watermelon. You will find Watermelon everywhere in the world because of its strong growing abilities.

In 2017 the global needs were 118 million tonnes. This is a seasonal fruit and usually big from the other fruits.

This sweet fruit contains a large amount of water and sugar. watermelon also contains a small amount of fat, protein minerals, and vitamin a, b and c.

People use watermelons for juice, smoothy, and also for many other juicy and delicious dishes.

When you have some super fruits lists pineapple is one you will always choose there. This is a tropical fruit and has no seeds.

It grows about 1 to 1.5m after the plant is mature about 12 to 20 months later you will see a spike in the top of the plant which is the symbol of the fruit pineapple.

Pineapple is reputed for its flesh and juice that are used in cuisines around the world. Everyone likes this fruit and the crushed pineapple is used in yogurt, jam.

Sweets and icecream also. People love pineapple juice when they are soo much tired.

Having energy, full of vitamin C, enrich with manganese and carbohydrates pineapple is the best super fruit.

People use it for medicinal purposes also like pinewood or hookworm pineapple can reduce the problem and kill those worms inside your stomach.

Dragon Fruit
When you see the tree you will be surprised to see the cactus tree but in this cactus tree, you will find dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is a sweet, nutritious, and good looking superfruit in the world. This magnificent fruit weighs about 150 to 600 grams and some can be 1 kg of weight.

This sweet fruit often feels like kiwifruit because of the black and crunchy seeds. Dragon fruit seeds contain fatty acids, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid.

Everyone in the world uses this fruit to flavor color, make smoothy, make juice and you can use the flower as tea.

Containing much energy value dragon fruit has 1100kj(kilo Jule) of energy per 100g also contain carbohydrates, protein, high vitamin C, and minerals.

The seeds oil is also very much helpful for your body. For food and medicinal purpose, dragon fruit is one of the best super fruit you will ever get.

Starting your morning by eating a loaf of bread and a banana is a great source of energy for everyone.

Banana is the only known fruit that is a great source of iron for the body you need the most. A banana a day will make you strong ever and keep you free from any disease.

A 100g of banana contain 89 kcal of energy and full of carbohydrates also vitamin and minerals. In every country, people use bananas in many testy and famous dishes.

You can have banana juice or eat a banana in the pie. there are many and more uses of the banana you can ever imagine.

Many countries eat the Banana core by cooking it. So you must try to make the habit of eating bananas a day as it is very beneficial to the body and mind.

There are many and more of the super fruits in the world but we just introduce you to the most popular ones. Because of the high nutritional value and popularity, we would like to recommend you to eat them as mentioned.

Fruits in other countries

When you talked about fruits in other countries we should bear in mind that every country has its climates and they are all different from the other.

When there is a climate change issue you have to know that the fruits will be different. like in America you will find many and many apple trees but in the Asian countries, you will not.

Because Apple has the climate requirement for its growing and Asian countries are mostly not pretty much suitable for the cultivation.

Although many of the Asian countries have apple trees and they are doing well as far we know. China grows many oranges and also India grows many jackfruits.

So it is clear that every country will grow different types of fruits and we will have to share our fruit with our neighbors and it is going well.

List of fruits in Bangladesh (an Asian Country)
Bangladesh is the fastest growing and developing country in the world and it has six seasons.

Fruits are also different in this green country. Although there grow many of the super fruits and all the season brings new and new types of fruits every year.

You will be surprised to know that 70 percent of the super fruits grow in Bangladesh. You will be shocked to see the fruits of summer in Bangladesh as summer brings all the fruits together.

Fruits like jackfruit, mango, orange, Grape, Pomegranate, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Papayas, Watermelon, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Banana, and many more grow here.

This country is full of miracles with fruits.

Many people lived here and they don’t have to go here and there for the popular super fruits because they can buy them from here and there and also they have a fresh fruit delivery service.

A true blessing for the people who live there.

At the end of this article
Now you have an idea about many of the popular superfruits in the world. they are all in real different of taste, size, and texture.

you will find that without the super fruits our life would be a little gloomy and thanks to nature to bring this blessing in our life.

These super fruits cured many diseases and make you fresh and healthy. You don’t need to know that fruit value to eat them as they are soo much delicious to eat and they are also cheap in the market.

As long as our world goes on the fruits will be with us but due to the shortages of lands, we are losing many of the precious fruits. we should look after the matter as these fruits help us to live and have a better life.

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