Green Beauty

When it comes to green beauty we sometimes lost our mind about the term green. Well let me clear about the term green, it means a product that is natural, totally organically made, and good for your health as well as your body.

At the beginning of the cultural era, beautiful green products were widely used. People officially used the product to increase their beauty, from inside as well as they rely on the outside of the body by using them gently.

We don’t know yet that there are 100,000 chemicals we use in our different areas of life. Nearly 5 percent of the chemical products normally tested for the use of human health.

We use many artificial beauty products that only harm the skin and helps growing many diseases. Allergies, asthma, cancer, skin burn, aging, and many more serious problems occurred due to the use of chemical compounds.

The chemicals industries sometimes view ads about their products yet they never discuss the side effects.

All About Green Beauty
Let’s jump into the human body, an incredible machine, and can nearly resist anything in his/her path. Heavenly use of chemicals like in beauty brand products or in food habits can cause serious damage to the immune system. Thus the body loses control and makes you sick within a certain time.

The skin is also an incredible part of the body it can hold up to 60,000 melanocytes (pigment skin cells). Found that there are more than a million never-ending nerves that transfer every signal to the brain.

Now being two millimeters thick skin thankfully prevents us from much danger and also protects us from the initial threads. Cell’s glands cool down the body when it is heated and when the body is cold the gland cells remain closed and the flowing of blood keeps the body warm.

The body has its natural course of routine but for the care of it, we can use green beauty as well as the beauty products that are helpful for the skin and also for the body. And it is important to feed the skin with the proper products as it’s getting older and needs good care.

Did you know that your skin eats too? According to our new climates, 60 percent of the substances applied to the skin surface are absorbed directly. With the proper use of the substance, we can benefit our skin and also make it alive as long as we live.

But there is also a caution like from the chemical experts they claim that most of the beauty products contain a small amount of toxicity in their products that could be absorbed by the body and bring no harm. But just imagine a product like cream has 4 percent of hyaluronic acid and you need them every month.

Like in 12 months you imagine what is the amount you will have on your face? and in 5 years?

So safety first and that’s why the certified organic beauty products help you to make skin evergreen and bring no harm.

What is Green Beauty?
The term “green” was first introduced in the 1980s by the German die Grunen party. Later many countries started to use the term. Many begin to define the matter. In the book “green” they mean greens that a cosmetic without harmful toxic chemicals.

Only organic products are the true harmless, eco-friendly beautiful green product they claim. We see hundreds of years ago people use many organic materials to enhance their beauty.

They use various products that were really organic and pure. Nowadays people also use the same products to enhance their beauty and they are cruelty-free.

14 Best Green Beauty Products and Benefits
1. Tea
Tea is an aromatic beverage and prepared by adding boiling water over the fresh leaves of tea. People using this drink widely across the whole world and still, they love it the most.

Tea is the only green product that becomes popular all over the world in a short period of time. With many health benefits and body curing abilities, tea is the best drink nowadays. It has some categories like Black tea, Green tea, oolong Tea, White Tea, puer tea, dark tea, etc, etc.

We are going to talk about Black tea, Green, and White tea.

Black Tea
Black tea is stronger plus oxidizer than oolong, white, yellow, and green teas. The origin is china and it is basically that kind of tea which flavor doesn’t lose at a certain time like other teas.

China, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Iran, Srilanka, Nepal, and countries like Korea called this tea by a different and different name because of their flavor. For the health beauty and also natural green beauty plant you can drink black tea every day.

Green Tea
This tea is made of Camellia Sinensis leaves and the rest of the process as like other tea. This origin is also in China and widely found in the East of Asia.

Containing energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine makes this popular among the teas. Regularly taking this tea reduces the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

It also decreases cholesterol and LDL(low-density lipoprotein). So green tea is really helpful for your body and mind.

White tea
There is no accepted definition for white tea and made of buds and immature leaves of the tea. An English publication found it in 1876 first. From there they named it white tea because of the immature leaves.

Time after people started to call it white tea. White tea is like green and black tea and made of the same Camellia Sinensis plant. The only difference is that it has a different amount of catechins, polyphenols, and the concentration different from other teas.

People from all over the world love this tea and is a great welcome drink among many countries. Has a lot of health value because of the ingredients it has.

2. Coffee
First discovered in the 15th century in Yemen and it is the most popular beverage in the world. At first, coffee was a big mystery among the countries of the world. Many of the countries deny opening the recipe.

In course of time, it became the open secret to the world and here we are now. Basically, you have to roast the coffee beans and then mixed with hot water adding some sugar. After then you will have a red cup of coffee which is the pure best green beauty beverage.

Brazil alone supplies 70% of the world’s coffee and then Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela does the rest 30%. Coffee has some extreme health value and they are all positive. People use coffee in reducing their tiredness and also focus on work.

Having a vast amount of caffeine coffee will keep you awake in the tired period and you will feel different. It’s also very much delicious to drink and healthy.

There are many categories of coffee like the brewed, drip, and espresso and all of them are different in the quantity of caffeine. Like drip coffee contains 115-11-75mg of caffeine per 200ml and that is the maximum amount.

Many people use coffee as a natural green beauty product and it works fine. You may find many coffee houses near you, just take a look at them and try one. Or buy some coffee from your local marketplace and make your own.

3. Honey
Honey is the only organic green beauty food product that entirely made of the natural process. And honey has the most valuable curing abilities against many problems.

Mainly raw honey produce by honey bees collecting nectar and honeydew and they gather it in a comb. Honeycomb contains a queen and all the other bees are worker/drone bees.

The bees move from one flower to another collect the honey from the various spots and finally gather them in a single spot. A single queen bee usually controls 20,000-40,000 worker bees and they obey them truthfully.

Nowadays people cultivate honey but the main way was the wild bees who colonies and gather the honey. Because of the strong chemical compound honey is suitable for long-term storage and usages.

The global production was 1.9 million tonnes in the year 2018. You will surprise to know that China alone covers 24% of the whole world’s demand. People use honey for cooking, baking, desserts, medicine, beverages, and more.

For over 9000 years honey was added with yeast and produce the finest wine called the “honey wine”. Peoples using honey for thousands of years for their natural beauty and health purposes also. By the time gone now, people know about the true benefit of eating honey.

They are classified by their packaging and processing such as

crystallized honey,
pasteurized honey,
raw honey,
strained honey,
filtered honey,
ultrasonicated honey,
creamed honey,
dry honey,
comb honey,
chunk honey,
honey decoctions, and
baker’s honey.
When it comes to the nutritional value honey contains fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, water, higher sugar, and other compounds that are highly needed for the body.

We should try to take honey every day as it has all the vitamins and minerals we need. Also taking honey every day makes your skin cleaner and your brain sharper.

4. Apricot
Do you know Apricot kernel produces oil? this oil is enriched with anticarcinogenic properties. It first appeared in English in the 16th century. From there now people all over the world know this fruit and it is also a product of green beauty.

In Armenia, it was known from ancient times and they cultivate it so widely that many people thought that it originated there. Many believe that it has the ability to treat cancer.

5. Almond
Almond is native to Iran and many believe that it generated from there. This green beauty food product is popular for its oil that is used in moisturizers, hair conditioners, and body oil. Almonds produce enough vitamins and minerals for the skin.

6. Aloe vera
People using Aloe vera for thousands of years for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. People use them for the initial treatment like the burn, skin rough, skin infection, and many other problems.

7. Apple

Apple appears in many religious traditions as forbidden fruit from the haven. But people see the fruit in the 17th century. It is the most popular fruit in the whole world that’s full of alpha hydroxyl acid.

And people believe it may be cancer-protective. Though people use it for organic skincare and apple juice used as peels and masks.

8. Avocado
This fruit possibly originated in the state of Puebla Mexico and later transfer into the whole world. This fruit contains more fatty alcohol than any other food known to people.

Enrich with potassium and vitamins B, k, and E. This fruit widely used in beauty care, and also it has the perfect nutritional value.

9. Arnica
Arnica is an excellent beauty product and this releases pain. People who allergic to chamomile will be allergic to arnica. We don’t recommend arnica for baby products because of its high irritancy potential.

10. Calendula

This traditional herb has the power of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Enrich with beta-carotene, stearin, triterpenoids, and coumarin. widely used for baby bath and sun protection.

11. Castor Oil

Castor beans are responsible for castor oil and many natural beauty products are made of this oil. Products such as moisturizers, soap, brake fluids, paints, nylons, and many ointments are made with castor oil.

Castor oils used in medical terms because of their antifungal and antibacterial properties. The first raptor engine lubricant for world war 1 was castor clears the skin from infection and bacteria.

12. Coconut

Coconut is the only food that has all the value a fruit needs. You can eat every part of the coconut and use the shell of the coconut for further use also.

In many countries, people burn the outer shell of the coconut to get rid of the mosquito and other bad insects. Coconut oil is excellent for the body and hair.

Green coconut is very helpful for your kidney and you can eat inside of the fully grown coconut. In the Vietnam war, some American soldiers use coconut to survive for a few days. Now beauticians recommend coconut oil for their works also.

13. Cucumber
The most common and well fresh beauty fruit is cucumber. Pretty much everyone knows about this fruit and its value, this fruit is widely cultivated across the whole world.

For a healthy diet, people use cucumber and cucumber is a great moisturizing agent for the face. People used it as an eye mask for hundred of years and still, they are using it gladly.

Also, you can eat the raw cucumber, make a salad with it, make a pickle, and many more.

14. Grape

People found this fruit in the Near East, approximately six or seven thousand years ago. This sweet fruit grows in clusters of 16-300 feet and can be yellow, green, black, blue, orange, crimson, and pink.

Has huge nutritional value water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. A perfect green beauty product that keeps the skin types smooth and makes the blood fresh.

Grapes contain a very large amount of glucose, fructose, and sugar that are helpful for the development of the brain. From ancient times peoples are using grapes as fruit and also making wine for their thirst.

There are more and more of the worlds best health and beauty products as Corn, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Grapefruit, Green Tea, Jojoba, Kinetin, Lavender, Lemon, Milk, Olive, Orange (Sweet), Peppermint, Pomegranate, Rose, saffron, Sea Salt, Shea Butter, Silver, Soy, Witch Hazel, and many more than you ever think of that is not the full list as we didn’t go into the Ursa major yet.

Misuse of Green beauty could be your worst nightmare.
We recommended you to use green beauty products wisely every time because it brings us good. But without knowing which products do which work we shouldn’t use them.

Like too much use of any green beauty products could bring the reverse effect on your body. People should read the ingredient list carefully and use them as the amount their body absorbs not too much.

Sometimes people use sunscreen cream for their faces but we recommended that apply sunscreen cream gently and the amount it needs. Green beauty conditioners, green beauty makeup, green beauty proteins are also in the market but you got to choose them wisely and use them smartly.

Know Your Green Market
We often liked to use green products and for beauty, women don’t compromise with anything but green. But we strongly recommend that you should know about your green market. Without proper knowledge about the products, you will feel lost.

Green beauty products are now everywhere but marketers don’t know about the usage terms of the product, as a result, you could have a product that doesn’t suppose to be yours. Proper knowledge about the product will bring you a good benefit in the end.

In the end, we often talk fine lines about our health and skin value and we forgot to make a difference. Not anymore, from the writing, we could learn about many organic green beauty products and hope that one day we will have the best benefit we were searching for.

Green beauty products are pure and they will not bring you any harm like the fancy cosmetics you buy from your marketplaces. Organic products and herbs are 100% fit for your body and in the meantime, there will be a remarkable result if you make the habit of using/eating/drinking green products.

Taking a teaspoon of honey will cure you of many diseases and make you fresh for the day. Eating a piece of garlic every day will make your digestive system clear and free you from harmful stomach worms.

In this context, we discuss more than thirteen items briefly and mentioned more than fourteen items. And the reason is to make you aware of the benefit and overall concept of beauty green products.

The Intention is to let you choose a decision about the products your skin tones and body needs. Many beauty experts in the world rely on green beauty and they always look for organic natural products.

So you should try to make the habit of green products and live a fresh life.

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