About the eBook

Food security is a very important issue for our country. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries on earth. Growing food for this huge population has become a big challenge. Bangladesh is one of the top ten food grain producing countries in the world and third largest in vegetable production. In order to meet the needs of this growing population, we are growing more crops on our limited lands. This had led to excessive usage of chemical fertilizers which is destroying the organic matter of our soil. This depletion of organic matter is a big threat to our agriculture. Most soils in our country has then 17kg/kg organic matter. For this reason, production cost of rice went up. Currently, rice farming has become non-profitable.

Organic agriculture is the only solution to this problem. Plants in organic system are cultivated without artificial pesticides and readily available fertilizers.

In Bangladesh, more and more people are opting for organic foods because they do not contain harmful chemicals. It is an emerging market with huge potential. One of the big challenges of the organic food market in Bangladesh is the lack of awareness among people about organic food. Why should I buy organic foods? What are the benefits?

In “Organic Food and Staff: In Perspective of Bangladesh” we tried to answer those questions for our readers. We believe that such information will motivate them to buy organic foods.

Being our first e-book, we faced a lot of difficulties. Still, we decided to go ahead and publish this e-book. We hope that our readers will forgive us for the shortcomings. We are open to any kind of suggestions from you on how we can further improve the content of the book.

Food Poison and it’s effect in Bangladesh (Bangla Ebook)