Black Seeds or Black Cumin or Nigella Sativa has amazing health benefits. Black Seed Oil is often used for beauty, skin, and hair care.

The Prophet(s) said, " Use the Black Seed for indeed, it is a cure for all diseases except death."

(Sahih al-Bukhari). Most of us already know this hadith, how many of us remember?

This “black seed”, is the seed collected from inside the fruit of an angiosperm plant from the

Ranunculaceae family. Many of us know this as the “Nigella Seed” and the oil extracted from it is called

“Nigella Sativa Oil”, its origin lying in the South and South-east Asian countries. However, black seeds are

nowadays cultivated in varying scales commercially. The plant generally has a height of 20-30

centimeters bears flowers and fruits. The flowers are usually colored pale blue and white with five

petals. Honey is collected from these flowers. On the other hand, the fruits are covered with hard shells.

The black seed fruits bear significant numbers of stamen as well as a long “Gynoecium”. The flowers

bloom in the Bengali month of Kartik and Ôgrohaeon while the fruits yield during the Winter. Each fruit is

circular in shape and holds about 20-25 seeds. The seeds, are black in color and have a shape similar to

triangles. A hardcover keeps the seeds together and each holds a significant number of seeds. These

seeds are called the black seeds or nigella seeds and these are from which the oil is extracted.

The nutritious aspects of Black seeds

Nigella Sativa Oil contains more than 100 components that are essential for the human body. It consists

of about 21% protein, 38% carbohydrate, and about 35% fat. Other components include nigellone,

thymoquinone, and fatty acids. Besides these, the oil consists of Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Calcium,

Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B 2, Niacin, and Vitamin C. It

holds carotene that helps prevent cancer, components that help prevent hormonal and urinal diseases

as well as acidity, as well as carrying other benevolent enzymes.

Use of Black Seeds from Ancient Times

Black seeds have been used and utilized for long ago. It has been for quite a while both as a spice and powerful medicine. If we take a look at history, black seeds have always been considered beneficial for

the human body. In the 8th century, black seeds were used for the treatment of diseases like bronchitis and

diarrhea. Till today, they are used directly on a large scale for Unani and Ayurvedic systems for


In 1924, a book written by Reginald Campbell Thompson described that Assyrians living near the Tigris

river used tablets made from black seeds as regular remedial medicine. The book also tells us that

black seeds used to be considered a medicine for almost every sickness and a component for beauty


Even Egyptians seemed to believe in the herb. In the mummy of Tutankhamun, the nigella Sativa or black

seed oil was found, kept with honey as it was believed the kings would need their regular cosmetics in

the journey to the afterlife as well. For Egyptian queens like Nefertiti and Cleopatra, black seed oil was

indeed a regular need for their beauty care.

In the 5th Century B.C. black seed oil would be used to neutralize toxins from a snakebite, allergy, to cure

skin diseases, tumors, and bug bites.

About 2000 years ago, black seed oil was used for curing headaches, toothaches, problems related to

women’s menstrual cycle and lactation.

Muslim scholar Al Biruni described the “Nigella Sativa Oil” as a remedy for several purposes. Within the

10th and 11th century, this oil would also be used as a general source of nutrients for the human body.

The Benefits of Using Black Seed Oil

We generally use black seed oil for beauty and health care. Today, the usage has been made easier

with a tad bit of touch from the knowledge of modern science.

Black Seed Oil Benefits: Beauty, Health, Skin and Haircare

Benefit for Health

Black seed oil is highly beneficial for our health. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory complex

which help our body to prevent various disease and illness such as

1. Cancer

A recent study showed that regular usage of black seed oil creates a defense against the

creation of brain and breast cancer cells in the human body. The oil contains thymoquinone that can

influence programmed cell death in several types of cancer cells.

2. Liver and Kidney and Their Functioning

A 2013 study shows that black seed oil helps in the proper functioning of the liver and kidney. However,

the doctor’s advice must be taken in this regard.

3. Diabetes

According to an article in the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, black seed oil may have

anti-diabetic properties that help control the level of sugar in the blood.

4. Increasing Brain Power

Black seed oil increases blood circulation in brain cells. This, as a result, increases the overall

performance of the brain. A spoonful of black seed oil can do wonders!

5. Curing Headache

Black seed oil is highly effective as a cure for headaches. A massage using the oil would do the


6. Curing Gout Pain

Regular massage using black seed oil would help a lot in lessening gout pain. The anti-

the inflammatory component will help to lessen and eventually cure the pain

7. Curing Tumor

The oil has been used for this purpose since ancient times. The anti-oxidant from the oil helps to

destroy the old tumor cells in the body.

8. Asthma

This is also another disease where black seeds’ oil is used as a remedy from long ago. Having the

oil or having it with a massage generally helps.

9. Boils

Boils on the skin is a painful experience most of us go through often. As a remedy for this, the black

seed oil is highly recommendable. Using the oil on the boil when it starts to harden will lessen

the pain and cure the boil in a few days.

10. Losing Weight

This herbal oil helps to get rid of the extra weight of your body. It was mentioned in a Journal of

Diabetes and Metabolism that black seed oil helps maintain the proper body mass index (BMI).

This too helps to get rid of the excess body fat.

11. Care for the Heart

The anti-oxidant from the oil helps maintain the optimum level of blood circulation. This

decreases the pressure on the heart. Thus, the heart is taken care of!

12. Gastric

We often suffer from gastric pains. In such cases, having a spoonful of black seed oil mixed with

boiled milk would help cure the problem.

13. Control on High Blood-Pressure

Fluctuating blood pressure these days is a common problem for people of any age. Adding black

seed oil as well as the seeds in your food and diet list would help you put control of your blood


14. Low Sperm Count

This problem is being heard of recently. Black seed oil helps here as well. It plays an important

role in increasing the hormones and sperm counts.

15. Curing Cold

For curing a cold, you can take raw tea with a few drops of black seed oil. This trick will help you

feel more comfortable.

16. Curing and Preventing Dental Problems

Gurgling every day using black seed oil mixed with coconut oil strengthens gums and removes

germs. It also removes bad breath and yellow stains.

This oil can also be used as a mouthwash. For that, ¼ of a teaspoonful of oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of

sesame oil and a few drops of clove oil can be used. This will help stop bleeding gums.

Black Seed Oil for Beauty Care

Besides health, black seed oil helps in caring for beauty as well. Such as

1. Skin Care

Black seed oil is highly beneficial for skincare

2. Acne

Acne nowadays seems like a part of our daily life-hassle. The antimicrobial and anti-

inflammatory particles of the black seed oil help destroy the germs. Research shows that this oil

helps destroy 58% and 38% of germs consecutively in the first two weeks.

3. Eczema

An irritating skin problem is eczema, which makes one suffer a lot. The anti-bacterial complex of

black seed oil helps destroy the eczema cells and cure the skin.

4. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition. Due to this, skin itches, and spots can be seen. Black

seed oil helps prevent it.

5. Vitiligo

To cure this, black seed oil can be of big help. Rubbing a piece of apple on the skin and then

applying the oil would lessen the problem within weeks

6. Moisturizing the Skin

The black seed oil contains fatty acid and amino acid which moisturize the insider lipid layer of the

skin. The anti-oxidant brightens the skin cells.

7. Fine Lines

The anti-oxidant from the oil helps remove fine lines and prevents early aging of the skin. Anti-

inflammatory helps de-stress the skin.

8. Eyelash Density

Many girls desire to have dark, dense eyelashes. Black seed oil can help here as well.

Apply a few drops of oil on the eyelashes before sleep and wash off in the morning. But you

should be careful so that the oil doesn’t enter your eyes.

Black Seed Oil for Hair Care

Black Seed Oil helps to take good care of hair.

1. Hair Fall

Hair fall is a generalized hair problem these days. Using black seed oil mixing with coconut oil

will lessen it to a great extent. Applying this mixture two days per week on the scalp will give a

good result.

2. White Hair

This can occur mostly due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and tension. Applying slightly hot

black seed oil on the root of the hair will help increase blood circulation and lessen the


3. Long Hair

The black seed oil contains an amino acid that helps grow hair longer and helps retain carbon. As a

result, hair gets long and gets back its original color.

4. Healthy Hair

Generally, a lack of folic acid causes loss of hair and its smoothness. To cure, applying half a teaspoon black seed oil on the scalp and hair root every day before sleep can help retain the health

and volume of hair.

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