If you know cooking then you heard about tejpata surely, it is the aromatic leaf that is used for adding fragments in cooking. It is a long leaf which is obtained from a perennial tree. The scientific name of tejpata is Cinnamomum tamala, it can be found everywhere in the world in any environment.  Mature raw leaves are collected from the tree and dry, these dry leaves or the powder of it is used in cooking as a spice.

Tejpata is being applied in many foods in such countries like India, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bhutan etc. If you confused about the usefulness of it then prepare biryani, polaw, semai or any sweet dishes without applying it, you can understand the difference. It is applicable both in spicy and sweet dishes, roast or meat items or your favorite confectionery paise, all these items does not get perfection without it. It had great use in Moghlai dishes, Moghols loved aromatic foods and to bring that aroma they use tejpata almost in every food item. The cultivation of this plant is observed in Sylhet district largely but it grows almost in every area in Bangladesh. In other countries, the use of this spice is found in sweet foods, stew, fried rice or milk-rich foods.

Tejpata has lots of medicinal benefits. According to doctors, it is very beneficial for diabetic. It prevents diabetic and helps to control blood sugar. It is useful in cold diseases, boil tejpata in hot water and make a cup of tea by using tejpata and drink, your clod diseases will be gone soon. It has great benefits to solve stomach swelling or abnormal digestion trouble. Tejpata is highly effective in resolving headache or arthritis pain or severe penile pain, its’ oil is being used as a painkiller from the ancient era. It can remove wrinkles or pimples or dark spots. It is also the solution to your hair fall problem or dandruff problems or scalp diseases.  Tejpata paste or oil can protect you from insects’ attack and reduce damages.  Your yellow teeth may embrace you in front of people, use tejpata power with your daily paste and get the healthy white teeth easily.

You may not have known before that these simple ingredients like it and other spices can be the solution to your daily problems. But now you know, so let not waste time and apply those ingredients which are very near to your hand and keep the troubles away.

Source: Wikipedia