Tejpata (Bayleaf) benefits and uses are enormous, especially in hair & skin. Do you know about the Benefits and Uses of Tejpata (Bayleaf)?

Tejpata (Bay Leaf)

If you know cooking then you have heard about Tejpata surely. It is the aromatic leaf used for adding fragrance in cooking. This long leaf is obtained from a perennial tree. Its’ scientific name is Cinnamomum Tamala. In English, it’s known by Bay Leaf (meaning in Bengali তেজপাতা).

Tejpata is found everywhere in the world in any environment.  Mature raw leaves are collected from the tree. And then dried in sunlight. These dry leaves or the powder of it is for cooking as a spice.

Countries as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bhutan, etc use (Bayleaf) in many foods. The cultivation of this plant is observed in Sylhet district largely but it grows almost in every area in Bangladesh.

If you are confused about the usefulness of it, then prepare Biryani, Polaw, Semai, or any sweet dishes without applying it. You can understand the difference. It is applicable both in spicy and sweet dishes, roast or meat items, or your favorite confectionery paise. All these items do not get perfection without it.

It had great use in Moghlai dishes. Moghuls loved aromatic foods. And to bring that aroma, they use the aromatic spice almost in every food item. In western countries, people use this spice in sweet foods, stew, fried rice, or milk-rich foods.

Tejpata (Bayleaf) Benefits And Uses

Tejpata (Bayleaf) Benefits And Uses


Tejpata (Bayleaf) Benefits and Uses


Did you ever thought a simple spice used in cooking can also be a great option for skin and hair care. Not only that it’s also a good home remedy for some regular diseases. It has many benefits for your beauty and health which you should know.

Tejpata (Bay leaf) for Beauty

Tejpata (Bay leaf) for Hair

Hair is the most important part of beauty for anyone. But maintaining healthy beautiful hair is not easy. Hair fall, dandruff, lice, scalp problem, etc comes in the way. For dealing with this problem Tejpata is a great solution. It helps in solving hair fall, dandruff problems, and scalp diseases.

Similarly, it treats the lice problem from hair.

Tejpata (Bay leaf) for Skin

Similarly, like hair, Tejpata works great for skincare. It can remove wrinkles or pimples or dark spots. After that, its paste or oil can protect you from insects’ attack and reduce damages.

Your yellow teeth may embarrass you in front of people. Use Tejpata (Bayleaf) power with your daily paste and get healthy white teeth easily. Its oil is very suitable for skincare. It is an oil that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So you can give your dermis the care it deserves.

Plus, it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. It is also perfect for treating skin rashes.

Tejpata (Bay Leaf) for Health

Tejpata (Bayleaf) has lots of medicinal benefits. Let’s know about them.

  • According to doctors, it is very beneficial for diabetics. It prevents diabetes and helps to control blood sugar.
  • It is useful in cold diseases. By  controlling cough, and releasing the nose, it helps to breathe freely
  • It has great benefits to solve stomach swelling or abnormal digestion trouble.
  • This spice is highly effective in resolving headache or arthritis pain or severe penile pain. Its’ oil is a painkiller from the ancient era.
  • It also helps in reducing weight by having phlegm sedative properties.

Tejpata (Bay Leaf) Uses

Tejpata, a simple aromatic spice. But its benefits for health and beauty is enormous. To get the best benefits, it’s important to know the uses. Let’s know them.

  • For Diabetes: Swallow 1/4-1/2 teaspoon Tejpata powder with water after lunch and dinner to control diabetes
  • Cold Symptoms: Boil Bayleaf in hot water and make a cup of tea with it. Drinking tea with this aromatic spice cures cold soon.
  • Skin problems: Oil of Tejpata has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It eases skin infections, bruises, cuts, and insect bites.
  • Headache or Arthritis pain: A glass of boiled Tejpata water helps to cure headache or arthritis pain.
  • Good Sleep: Few drops of bay leaf extract in water before going to bed helps to get sound sleep.
  • Hair Problems: boil 200 grams of Tejpata in one Liter of water until it becomes one-fourth. Massage your scalp with this water and leave it for half an hour before washing your hair.
  • Skin Care: Tejpata oil is great for skincare. Boil the leaf with olive oil and use it on the skin.

Wrap Up

You may not have known before that these simple ingredients like it and other spices can be the solution to your daily problems. But now you know. So let not waste time and apply those ingredients which are very near to your hand and keep the troubles.


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