Rice, flour Wheat:

Rice is cultivated in 75% to 80% of the country’s land, 4% of the total agricultural land and 11% of rabi crops land used to cultivate wheat. The demand for calorie consumption of the country is being fulfilled by these food and grains. There are energy, protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin B1, B2, phosphorus, calcium, iron etc on the rice, wheat also carry more or less.
But now this main dish of Bengalis is adulterated with harmful chemicals. Health are under danger for tampered food.

To increase the yield of rice or wheat, different types of chemical fertilizers, pesticide are used. A research by the American Chemical Society (ACS) shows that the presence of cadmium in dangerous level to our Rice. In their rresearch there is a safe section of 0.0054 to 0.0505 ppm cadmium, there are 0.01 to 0.3 ppm cadmium in our country, which has given us the top of the polluted rice in the world. It is clearly known from the research that this acquisition is due to the misuse of low quality fertilizers and pesticides, that picture does not change much in case of wheat cultivation. We have planning to export of rice also stopped for failing to keep the food value as per standard of the foreign market. From paddy to rice, corruption is everywhere. Several times we tamper Rice. Cutting thick rice and turn it into thin rice. Increase the weights, Rice adulteration is a common picture. In order to make the rice shiny, the use of wax, sodium hydroxide and the use of rotten flour to cover the waste rice is also dangerous. Apart from this, different colors, artificial fragrances and chemicals are mixed to make the old, broken rice to sale in market. Knowing these things, instead of rice, you might think of eating bread? But story remains the same. The pollution starts from the cultivation to harvesting. There is evidence that tissue and chalk powder mixed with flour. The Directorate of Food Department has confirmed that the import of rotten and fungal zed wheat, what you think throwing these rotten wheat which causes the loss of millions? This imported rotten wheat can be eaten by you. It has been found in India recently that if water is mixed with Flour it is taking the form of rubber, which chemical is the cause it not confirmed yet but consuming the flour many people suffers its confirmed!

There is no guarantee of entering the same quality of flour in our country beyond the Indian border. We do not have time limit for using flour, so the presence of harmful germs is a familiar matter. It is known that 90 percent of the flour and flour prepared food is not up to the mark.

The stomach problem is now quite normal. Due to the effects of these contaminated foods, starting from indigestion, gastric, ulcer, it once becomes stomach cancer. Kidney, liver may be severely damaged.
Eating these foods, there is a danger of nerve disease that can make you lame. The effects of contaminated food can affect your blood circulation, which is the main cause of heart attack, as well as diabetes, lung disease, asthma, allergies. Deteriorating health of the children is for unhealthy & adulterated foods. Intellectual disabilities and child birth rates have also increased in comparison to the previous days because of this food adulteration.

We should raise our voice to save from this terrific situation. Going organic and safe cultivation method. We should buy this from an authentic source as well.

Gratitude: Kaler Kantha, Daily Ittefaq, Daily Prothom Alo, Priyo.com, Daily Sangram, Prajnya.com, Manabkhant.

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