Baby Food


Plenty of contamination is about to swallow up our surface. It seems very difficult to find something pure in these circumstances. This finding becomes much more difficult in the case of pure milk since milk is the most sensitive food item that cannot be freshened for longer. But when it is about a child’s life, there is no question of compromise with the product value.

Imagine, by trying heart and soul you are able to manage some authentic milk. What do you think? Is it really harm free and beneficial for your precious child or pregnant wife? The answer is no. Your pregnant wife or unborn baby or your growing child is not safe yet. Check the food value and the contamination of the milk otherwise all of your efforts will go in vain.


Baby Food

Baby Food


Several lac liters of milk are needed every day here in Dhaka and most of the supply comes from the nearest areas of this city. Milk spoils easily, so it becomes costly to try to export milk from the rural area of the country. So, there have been formed many cattle farms centering the Dhaka city. Most of the cows in those farms are from foreign countries; they grow up in a dark and small shed without any natural touch. They are being considered nothing more than a milk-producing machines on those farms.

During the breeding period, the cows of those farms requires healthy and same quality foreign partners to produce a healthy generation. But the regular farmers of our country are not very interested to waste their time finding eligible partners for the cows. So they go with the artificial way and inject the semen from the foreign cows and move forward with the breeding activities.

One kind of mixed cow is created with this process. But these new generation cows are born to be weak in nature compared to (Deshi) cows and cannot endure the environment. Several kinds of medicines and antibiotics are applied to the cows, many corrupt farmers also use hormones so that they look healthy and attractive.

Farmers apply many other technics and feed cows specially prescribed food so that they can get more milk from these unhealthy cows. Through this process, the authentic milk becomes all same as contaminated milk.
Since this new kind of cows become easily ill, they require a strong dose of drugs. To protect them from worms and other harmful insects, powerful medicines and antibiotics are used. The effect of these medicines remains from 7 to 20 days and it could be proved dangerous if one drinks the cow milk which is collected during this period.

Your children or pregnant wife may also fall at high risk if they drink this kind of milk, even your unborn child may be killed in the mother’s womb. But how many of us are aware of these issues? We only care about the profits and the interest that make us beneficial. The situation will not be changed if we do not awake our sleeping conscience.

Pure milk can be pure but still be dangerous because contamination doesn’t only come from the outer sources. We should stay close to nature and not do such activities that go against nature. Organic farming is the best way to grow food and maybe it is high time to start practice on it.

Inner contamination is more harmful than outer contamination. The whole article is based on some personal experiences, if any point hit someone personally please forgive the unwilling mistakes. Let’s be aware. Take pure nutritious milk; keep yourself and your family safe.



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