Super Spices

Many explorers travel across the world and climb into the mountains just to find a new and different flavor of organic super spices and herbs.

From the beginning of the human race and the time when we people started to hunt, we know about the spices and their kinds.

Gradually every time you taste a portion of food or eat it you will feel different types of tastes and their gesture because of the mixture of many organic herbs and super spices.

People often don’t know what they are eating and sometimes they don’t even think about it. But it is a must to know about your food and you’re health value.

Spices make the food better than better and make it super delicious and healthy for our body. Every super species have different qualities and they all are good for health.

Sometimes people use organic spice blends and herbs as medicine, As they have some antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics.

Super Spices have the quality to cure and also the ability to reduce pain in some cases. Turmeric and garlic have the ability to kill bacteria. Cloves and cinnamon having as much 10 to 50 times more antioxidants than blueberries.

In Asia countries like India use 7 to 10 super spices just to cook their chicken. And it tastes super delicious, they actually succeed. People use more spices and herbs there just to make the food more nutritious and enjoyable.

The health value of eating these spices with different types of food prevents many serious diseases like cancer, gastric, blood pressure, regulating blood sugar levels, healing, and many more.

Using as Medicine and Antioxidant We Can Use Organic Herb and Super Spices As:
Beauty issue: People use organic herbs and spices just to ensure their beauty and to look glamorous. Turmeric, onion, or lemon makes the skin looks much better than ever.
Remady for lung disease and blood pressure: People sometimes use many specific spices and herbs as a remedy for lung disease and blood pressure and it work. Beauty issue.
Fat burning and increase metabolism: Many herbs have some magical organic abilities to burn your fat. And they also have some metabolism abilities to keep you healthy and fresh.
Inflammation and control damage of the body: Spies and herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and damage control qualities. Also, immune the body and keeps you more alive day by day.
Hair damage control: People often lost their hair at a less certain age. At this time herbs or some specific spies is the main remedy for your hair loss control.
People often use onion, gooseberry (amla), and lemons for hair fall solution and they also make hair shiny and silky.

Antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal qualities of Super Spices and herbs: Yes you have heard it right, spices and herbs have the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal abilities to keep you safe from these dangers.
Detail About Top Super Spices That are Available Near You :
As early as 200BC cinnamon was imported to Egypt. Some believe it was imported from China and it was so highly prized among the ancient nations. Egyptian use cinnamon to embalm mummies.

Nowadays it is the main super spice among people. The whole world knows about the ability and quality of cinnamon. Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Sri-Lanka produce 99% of the cinnamon.

Indonesia producing The best cinnamon and they are then distributed across the world. When it is a matter of great teste and health a teaspoon of cinnamon is the one thing you could use.

In Mexico, they used it to prepare the chocolate. In the united states, people use Cinnamon and sugar to flavor cereals. Not only in meat but they also use it in sweet-savory dishes.

It is full of carbohydrates, fat, calcium, iron, and vitamin k. And in Asia like India peoples use this as traditional medicine for digestive system aide.

So it Is much likely that cinnamon has many qualities and all of them are very helpful for the human body.

2. Turmeric
When it came to turmeric we see many values like medicine, health, and teste. In India for thousands of years turmeric used as a major part of ayurvedic medicine and also traditional Chinese medicine.

People also use this super spice as a dye and flok medicine.

They call it “Indian” saffron In medieval Europe. Turmeric contains, carbohydrates, water, protein, fat, minerals, essential oils, and curcuminoids, and that’s why it is a must for health.

In south Asia and middle eastern cooking, turmeric is widely using as a spice.

Indonesian, Thailand peoples use fresh turmeric in many dishes. It is also used as Dye and indicator in the German laboratory.

Turmeric grows wild in the forests of south and southeast Asia, and they used it as traditional medicine(Siddha or Ayurveda). Basically, peoples use it as an antibacterial and antifungal medicine in Asia.

People also use it in many marriage rituals and occasions. Tying turmeric tubers with strings by the couple to their wrists on the wedding ceremony, calling it the Kanna Bandhan.

This spice has no toxicity and widely used as the main spice among spices.

Now it is clear that without this special spice we would not accomplish some of the important things we used to do now. Thanks to our new generation as they manage the best use of turmeric.

3. Clove:
They are aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae near the Indonesian lands. They grow up to 8-12 meters with large leaves.

Finally of all the flowers create clove and we use it in our food. Asia, Africa, and the middle east widely use cloves in their daily life.

In cooking cloves widely use as a spice, and add flavor to hot beverages that are combined with lemon and sugar.

In Mexico, people use it in many dishes and without it, you won’t believe a teste. Many peoples use it for many purposes like in Indonesia people use it in the cigarette called kretek.

Adding cloves with tea and hot water is extremely healthy. Cloves produce essential oil, in aromatherapy people use this oil as traditional medicine.

They also act as an antibacterial agent that helps when we use them in scrapes, cut, fungal infections, bites, or burns.

Scientists failed to find toxicity in cloves. you will find an enriched amount of vitamin k and c in this super spice.

When it came to ginger we can ensure that it is most powerful for your body and health. This super spice originated from maritime Southeast Asia and people found it in the mid-14 century.

Ginger has water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin B6, minerals, and manganese in it. It produces clusters of white and pink flowers that bloom into yellow flowers.

We generally use the root that turns into fine can grow in a wide variety of land. From the 2018 Wikipedia report, 2.8 million tonnes of ginger produce globally. India globally produces 33% of the total ginger.

They usually applied the homestead Farming process to grow ginger. Dry ginger is more popular in the western and also the Asian countries and they are getting demand day by day.

This is a popular spice and it has many characteristics. The two or threes are like spice, medicine, and also this can be eaten with hot tea.

Many countries use young ginger in making tea, these ginger are juicy with a mild taste. The matured ginger outer shell is much dry and in cooking, people use this ginger.

Adding ginger with boiling water with some honey is a fantastic flavor. Also eating fresh ginger will cure your upset stomach as early as possible.

Converting fresh ginger into powder and used as a flavoring recipe such as bread, cookies, crackers, cake, and many more. It prevents many colds and clears the lung, also instantly cure nausea.

The health benefit cannot be spoken by writing and we should try to use this spice in our daily life because there is no clear evidence that it calls any harm to the body.

The most powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral spice in the world. The ancient Egyptians used it as food, flavor, and also medicine issue.

Now it is known to all china alone supplying 80% of the garlic globally. It is easy to grow year-round in mild climates. without any problem, you can grow garlic in any soil, except the soil containing salt.

As it has the power of killing bacteria there will be no insect in the plant. It is reputed as the name of repelling rabbits and moles. Garlic has a sharp flavor and the factor that is responsible for this called phytochemicals.

Worldwide in every country garlic is using every single day. Meat without garlic can not be imagined and garlic alone makes thousands of recipes that help people to invent new and creative items in the food world.

You can not imagine its quality and the massive power it has in the medical sector also. It has been cultivating in Mesopotamia for at least 4000 years.

We can use every part of the spice and people around the world still discovering about spice garlic. Garlic bulbs are mostly used all over the world and we use them in our everyday life in a medium of many good ways.

Pepper is the most widely used spice in the world and it has been used by people from the ancient era. Many great and large empires have the proven symbol of using peppers.

It’s famous for its amazing power to fire up your mouth and get your heart pumping. Because of the capsaicin in a pepper, we feel the hot and basically, capsaicin has no teste at all.

We look forward and see that there are many families of peppers and they are generally characterized. With the maximum number of vitamin c pepper is one of the best spice in the world.

Both in cooking and dye this pepper was used in the Egyptian empire. The outer layer of black pepper, it containing terpenes, germacrene, limonene, pinene,alpha-phellandrene, and beta-caryophyllene.

That’s why pepper is calling by cause sneezing in the medical term.

It also believes to cure constipation, insomnia, abscesses of oral, sunburn, and toothaches. so both for daily and healthy leading life pepper is a good source of the spice.

7. Saffron
One of the most common names that came into the world of super spice is saffron. It is found in the crocus flower. But the name doesn’t mean it is cheap yet, it is the most expensive super spice in the whole world.

Moreover, per kilo, we have to count at least US $5000 or higher. In this 21st century, Iran alone producing 90% of the spice saffron. Now we know about the spice and its nature.

Basically, it is an autumn-flowering perennial plant that is unknown in the wild and grows best in the sunlight. In Eurasia, we see the monomorphic clone of the flower saffron.

For 1 pound of saffron, we need about 150000 flowers and more. Many countries in the world produce saffron like India, Australia, Iran, Spain, and more.

Moreover, you will find that they are the countries that are continuously using the majority of the saffron. Most of them try to make the best but Australian red threads are the best.

Saffron can be used with many dishes and one of the most esteemed use is the Golden Ham, a precious dry-cured ham made with saffron from san-Gimignano.

You will see the best nutritional value of the saffron and it contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. Research suggests that daily use of saffron can be very healthy for your body and mind.

We didn’t find any toxicity evidence in the spice and hope the production of this specious spice will grow more and more.

From the ancient era, we found basil and it is the most common spice we are using in our daily life.

We know about the spice from its nice smell and the power of flavor. The categories are also different like sweet basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, and holy basil.

Each of them has different types of scents because of their different essential oils and their tropical variety.

Hybrids basils are also very popular among the peoples as African blue basil, spice basil, and lemon basil.

Basil is sensitive to clod and the best growth in hot and dry conditions. People from all over the world use it in their every day special dishes.

Adding basil with tomato and green chili taste soo much better if you have tried it you will already know the fact. Let’s jump into the nutritional value you will find carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals also water.

Nearly many many years of preparation evaluation came into basil the best-flavored herbs in the world.

9. Onion
Carl Linnaeus was the man who discovered onion in 1753 and since then it was the most known herb in the world for its super spice characteristics. Onion has been growing in the world For at least 7000 years.

It originated in Iran, western India, and central Asia. From the bronze age, settlements in china onion were used in 5000BC for its strong flavor and durable use in the cooking sector.

There are many types of onion in the world as far as people discovered yellow or brown onion, red or purple onion, and white onion. They are also different in size as the Egyptian onions are big and less strong than the Asian onion.

The whole world uses an onion as food, flavor, herb, spice, and much more useful work. People also make onions pickle in many places in the world and trust me this tastes heavenly.

There are water, carbohydrates, protein, and fat found in onion, now you know about the beneficial effect of eating onions.

Besides the Ayurveda believes that weekly use of onion on the hair will prevent hair fall and make hair silky and smooth. In Asia, people use onion mostly in their food dishes like meat, chicken, curry, vegetable, and many other foods.

Burger or chicken sandwiches can never believe without an onion slice. If you try to cultivate onion in fresh soil you will be surprised to see the growth rate.

That’s why people from all over the world love this herb. Because of not having any toxic or bad characteristics you can enjoy eating onion in any way you like.

10. Thyme
This is the evergreen super spice from the mint family and widely used. everywhere in the world. Basically, for their flavor and taste, we use them in our everyday food habits. Thyme was used in ancient Egypt for embalming.

The ancient Greeks use this in their baths and burnt and they believe that it was the source of courage bearer. Mostly cultivated in a hot, sunny place with rich soils.

Besides used as a flavor increaser it also produces an essential oil which used to medicate bandages before the beginning of modern antibiotics.

Some people use it for better sleep. Despite having any bad experience you will feel the nice flavor of thyme while eating stake or soup.

You better make a routine of eating this super spice in at least 2 meals a week for weight loss.

11. Rosemary
Rosemary leaves are like hemlock needles, and it is widely growing in the subcontinent of Asia.

This beautiful plant flowers in spring and summer in temperate climates but they can artificially bloom in warm climates.

The super spice rosemary was found in early 5000BC and after that, they were widely used in the Egyptian ritual.

They are used in the decoration of the garden and also in various food teste increase like roast and steak. You can use rosemary in your soup or tea and feel the difference of flavor as you desire.

Organic Spices Farming in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a small country in Asia and the fastest-growing developing country among the other nations. Spices and herbs are the main product they use every day in their many needs.

Cooking, medicine, and dye are made from the spice and herbs. Peoples are there cultivating these spices for many centuries. Yes, peoples are still doing it with joy.

We just talked about 10 of the super spices in the world and they are the best of the best. Basically, these active ingredients used in our everyday life. 11 of them are enough for a man to use in any dishes and for any kinds of medical uses.

As far as we know organic spices don’t just make food delicious but also make them flavorous. From the very old beginning, we see that spices and herbs were engaged to help mankind.

In the medical sector, we recently discovered that spices and herbs are very helpful In many Alzheimer’s diseases and most of the primary treatment.

Like the leaf 0f, a guava tree will reduce the pain of your teeth instant and the turmeric will heal any outer scratches in the body.

Cinnamon will increase the teste of your mouth. Like we said before spices are a blessing for human life and the right use of the above spices will be sufficient for you to lead everyday life perfectly healthy.

There are many and more herbs and super spices out there in the world and we can simply use them, they are also different in taste and flavor.

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