The usefulness of wheat flour 


Bread is the most popular food among Bengali after rice. This bread is very nutritious that contains carbohydrates. But it depends whether you are having white bread or red bread.

Whole wheat flour comes from wheat. Red whole wheat is extracted by crushing the wheat with the shell. This is called unrefined whole wheat. The refined whole wheat is produced by crushing the wheat without the shell.

Today most people prefer white whole wheat flour to red whole wheat flour. Whitish bread is a common appearance on the dining table & taken by mass people. On the other hand red whole wheat, is more likely undesired & avoided by most people. It is maybe for its brownish color.

But is this perception about wheat flour only for color or associated with our consciousness?

The rising of this question is very natural. Let’s see the nutritional differences between these two kinds of whole wheat.

Wheat has three layers. The upper layer is called a bun. It contains minerals & antioxidants. It is found fully in red whole wheat but white whole wheat doesn’t contain it at all. The 2nd layer is known as endosperm indicating the middle part of the wheat. After crushing the 1st layer this one is seen. The inner layer is germ or shoot. This portion contains vitamins, proteins & minerals.

The refined whole wheat only contains endosperm. It doesn’t have any notable vitamins. Red wholewheat contains those three nutritional components.

Every 100gm of red whole wheat contains 80% calorie, 0.5gm fat, 15gm carbohydrate, 3gm fiber, Ogm sugar, and 4gm protein.

In white whole wheat, it has 70% calorie, 75gm fat, 12gm carbohydrate, 2gm fiber,1.5gm sugar & 3gm protein. So, red bread is more nutritious than white bread.

Red whole wheat also contains 69gm manganese, 15gm phosphorus, 14gm thiamine, 12gm magnesium, 9gm copper & zinc 75gm. During the refining process, whole wheat loses almost half of its nutrition value.


The Usefulness Of Whole  Wheat Flour 

The Usefulness Of Whole Wheat Flour


Some Useful points of Red whole wheat :

  1. Heart disease possibilities are reduced by eating regular red whole wheat
  2. In 2016 research done by a review analyzed showed that 22% of heart disease possibilities get reduced by having red bread regular.
  3. Additional eating habits will be controlled by eating red bread as its fiber control appetite for a long period.
  4. It is especially very useful for diabetes patients. Extra sugar in white whole wheat is detrimental to patient health whereas red whole wheat doesn’t contain it much.
  5. People who intended to reduce their weight can include this red whole wheat in their food chart.
  6. Vitamin B complex lets your body be strong. It also develops the metabolism system. It reduces cholesterol levels & controls it.
  7. It reduces the cancer possibilities by the presence of lignin, an anti-cancer agent.
  8. Red whole wheat pieces of bread control the amount of carbohydrates in the blood thus it takes care of diabetes patients


So, It can be said that red whole wheat is so helpful for our healthy life. Now the decision is yours whether white or red whole wheat you are going to eat.


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