Untold story My Organic Bd : 2 
Through MyOrganicBd, we gave service directly or indirectly minimum 35,000 people last  110 days in this Covid 19 pandemic.
Many of them were Corona positive. It was very challenging to help those families in early days. People were too much panic, few left their parents, few son. Even only doubt of covid 19,  Family members let their father die without treatment. We seen extreme miserable deaths everyday By social media and TV. Mob behave like insane in some cases!
In that worst time, as a Founder I never stop MyOrganicBd service. Not a single day. As a solo founder, i had to bear huge pain specially serving Corona positive people! I keep so many secrets. I feel pain for those people, social harrasment! That encourage me to work silently. I get out of my home. Stayed office Alone for 78 days. Ah!
The most painful job was to ensure service. Personally helped covid 19 positive people. May 2020, first week, my doctor suspect me covid 19 positive. In isolation alone, I kept our service On. It was the worst time ( i thought)  i face. But i was wrong!!!
I never thought i had to deliver MyOrganicBd services to my own Baba, Maa, Sister my own flesh n blood, Family. Once they were afraid of me now feel what i did leaving home in Corona time!!!
The heart breaking time for me to delivering MyOrganicBd happiness to my very own family!!! 78 years old Baba, 65 years old maa.
Dear Startup Mates, while we see cash flow, break even, run way, excel sheet, Never forget to see the IMPACT you made to others. Money is not the only para meter…
Despite of measuring profit loss, success failure, I decide to serve MyOrganicBd as first well being eCommerce as much as possible in this pandemic. It is my war to fight. If no one is with me like before, I will go alone through the hell. If you think me crazy, i ensure you, i m the craziest!!!
 And i am not going to stop no matter what happens. This is bloddy my war!!!
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