Do you know Top 20 super food available in BD? You can blame the famous hazis’ biriyani, the shrimp curry or the kabab from Star Kabab, bangali always been recognized by their love of food. We have obsession about food whether it is healthy or not, we always surrender in front of tasty food. Is there any chance of changing that habit in 2020 or the same foods and habits going to bore us again? Are we going to be finally a healthy nation? Lets’ reveal the best 20 foods that will change our idea of healthy food in 2020.


Coming up first to our list, which is little difficult to consider as food. We are talking about watermelon seed. We often get bothered while eating watermelon by its seeds, but it has been proved now that these bothering seeds have great nutritious properties and perfect for eating. You can roast it or take it raw as an evening snack. It has high protein, vitamin-B, Minerals, fats along with zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory etc. It is an ideal food for the diabetic patients, preventing cancer and developing mental health are some more benefits it provides.

Healing Super Food Turmeric :

Turmeric is the most common item that can found in our kitchen. Bangli recipes lost its identitity without the light yellow color of it. Though the use of turmeric in Europian countries was limited, they have come to know about the benefits of turmeric now days. Turmeric grows its populerity from the ancient time as ayunbedik medicine and beauty products in Indian countries. We apply it to cure the burns or cuts, it was also used pair the broken bone early times. Turmeric simplifies  digetion and solve the gastric problem. Life thretinging cancer or common disease like cold, turmeric prevents all of them.

Amlaki or Amla grabs the top place in the best nutritious food list of 2020. Amlaki is a fruit which can eat raw or take its powder as medicine. The beneficial properties of amlaki are good for skin and hair. Amla is one of those few fruits that formalin yet not grabbed. Amalki pickle and morabba is very yummy to eat, but for long use you should dry amlaki and makes its powder. Amlaki contains lots of vitamin- C, it is said that one amlaki contains same amount vitamin c that 20 oranges have. Adding this beneficial fruit in your daily meal can keeps a doctor away from you and your family.

Garlic is the spice easily recognized by its Sharp smell and unique flavor. This unique flavor which is the identity of garlic is bothering sometime. Some people love to avoid it only because of its smell. To erase that limitation of garlic one new kind is invented, this kind is named as black garlic. By following special cultivation process and controlled temperature black garlic is grown. Black garlic has no bad smell but some sweet taste and unique aroma. It is suitable using in foods like fish, grill, burger, soup, meat etc. Antioxidant, anti-diabetics and antimicrobial are some nutritious element black garlic has. This running year the popularity of black garlic is going to expand for sure.

The most popular food name in modern diet chart is Avocado. The creamy soft texture of Avocado can compare with butter only. You can take it with sandwich, pasta, toast, salad or anything you love to. It is not so common in our country but now available in several organic food markets. Potassium, phosphoresce; fiber, fatty acid, magnesium, vitamins can be found in Avocado. People who want to lose weight should eat it daily. It makes our bone stronger, develop the brain function and control blood cholesterol. Avocado is a full package of nutrition and this is what makes it desirable in the front of nutritionist this year.

2020 is going to surprise us with some new foods and products, Matcha is one of them. Matcha was very popular in japan at ancient period. The deep green color and appealing flavor of matcha stands it unique from other tea. To preserve the chlorophyll level, matcha is cultivated carefully in shaded ground; a very ancient formula is followed to make a perfect matcha. It is a power store of antioxidants; One cup of matcha contains same antioxidant like 10 cups green tea have. It blesses with power of cutting out extra weight, along with that it has amino acid, l-thianine which sharpens our concentration power. Having one cup hot matcha in hand could be the best for a day start.

If you have a crush on nut then tahini could be a good food for your daily diet. Tahini made from sesame seeds and it tastes like peanut butter in some aspect, but it has its own bitter flavor. After soaking sesame seed into salty water it leaves into sun to dry and crushed well, and this is the processor of making tahini. People who wants to loss weight but cannot give up tasty food can add tahini in salad or use it in cooking. Along with high level of calories it has all important nutritious element like antioxidant, fat, proteins, vitamins,  minerals, fiver and phosphorus. Experts say it is effective recovering heart disease and can prevent diseases like cancer and diabetics as well.


Who doesn’t know about spinach these days? If you got little knowledge about healthy food then you definitely heard about it. Spinach is not only an adorable vegetable but also a tasty one. Salad appears incomplete without its’ green touch now. It adds nutrients to not so healthy food like burgers, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches. You can cook it or eat raw; making spinach juice is another good recipe. It is rich in fiber which enhances our digestion power; other beneficial elements like vitamins, iron, fiber, magnesium, antioxidant, chlorophyll do exist in spinach that helps to keep away all diseases from us. It prevents premature birth and develops baby’s brain from mother womb. Vitamin K which is optimal for blood clotting found high in spinach, also it develops our nerve system and make it stronger than before. Spinach has a growing market and it will expand in our marketplace in this year also.


We have another name on top in the list of healthy food, which is beetroot.  If you are that kind of person who likes to live healthy then you know what beetroot is. It is some kind of vegetable that has bright red look and amazing sweet taste. It is regularly found in salad, soup and vegetables but in this flow of being healthy it is used in snacks, sandwiches and burgers also. Beetroot increases cholesterol which is essential in low blood pressure, along with that, fiber, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and manganese all are available here. It contains exact amount of vitamin K that our body needs. To develop our body function and increase energy level beetroot should be available in your daily meal.

Walnut is a common fruit that is available nearly all around the world. Its’ heart shape and hard cover makes it different from the other nuts. There is no competition of taste and nutritious value of walnuts. The best 20 food items that’s gonna grab the food industry of 2020, includes walnuts into them. It has an oily nature which increases fat properties in it. To develop your memory power you should eat walnut daily. Who doesn’t want to eat tasty and control weight as well? Well, walnut will provide you that opportunity, just add it on our diet chart and forget about extra weight, heart diseases, blood pressure and memory loss problem. So enter this magical food in your meal and rocks your health on.

About 90 percens diet planner suggest to add this on diet. But before talking about the health benefits, we need to know what extra virgin oil is, why it becomes an dicussed matter to all the health concious people around the world. Extra virgin oil is the same kind of oil we use in our daily life but the differenc is it is made by maintaing old traditional precessor, no such chemicals are added here in it. Ensuring best quality raw products is the first step of producing extra virgin oil. Controlled temparature and strict oil making processors are followed, but the main rule of making this oil is it has to be 100 percent chamical free. It contains every natural properties which helps in lossing weight, brighting skin color,controling insuline and developing mental health. It is also work as a pain killer, people who wishes for long life should use this oil daily. It removes age marks from skin and make it flawless. 2020 brings this beneficial food item in front so that we could know the value and usefulness of extra vigine oil and add it on our daily meal.

Blueberry, a beautiful small sized fruit that can steal your heart by its amazing flavor and taste. At young age, its skin looks green but the color turns blue at its maturity. This sweet fruit have lots of fan followings and this running year will take its popularity on another height. It improves the immune system, speeds up digestion, clears vision and sharpens memory. It has vitamin A and C along with fiber, potassium, iron and riboflavin.  Blueberry is perfect for breakfast, evening snacks and dinners’ salad. One glass blueberry milkshake will just not amaze you with awesome taste; it will provide extreme energy also.

Arshagandha, which means something that smell like horse. It has been said that the smell of this plant is similar to horses’ odor. It has been used as medicine from the ancient period in India and recently Europian countries also impressed by its’ medical properties. It relieves tiredness and enhance body streanth, some athletics regularlly consume it to build their muscles. Ashwagandha is effective in preventing cancer and high blood pressure, 100 gram Ashwagadha carries 709 m.gram iron. Along with that it contains calcium and phosphorus that increase hemoglobin in our blood. It is the solution of all kinds of heart disease, sexual problem and liver grief. It works like sleeping pills which makes our nerve calm and reduce mental depression.

We all love pumpkin, don’t we? But how many of us know that pumpkin seeds are also a good food like pumpkin? Pumpkin seeds are full with nutrisious value like calcium, zinc, fiber, potasium, fat,iron, coper, antioxidants, vitamin and minerals. Although pumpkin seeds are not very common to us as a food, Europians likes this snack and eat it regularly. Full grown pumpkin seed are collected and dried, those seeds could use in varities of foods like soup, salad, pasta, meat etc. after rosted well. It can also eat raw after collecting from pumpkin directly. It makes our bone strong , controls blood suger, keeps our heart and liver safe. Eating pumpkin seeds regularly will vanish your all kind of digestion problem. It is sad that we have ignored this beneficial food all the time, but the good news is 2020 is going to light up all these foods that are not so recognized but full with nutritiuon.

Do you want to defeat your extra weight? Then Chia seeds could be your best weapon. Don’t judge it by its size, this small sized seeds come from North America and become popular by its amazing health properties in a short time. It has no exceptional taste but could use in bread, burger, pizza to add nutrition. Many people mix these seeds with fruit juice and salad. One glass hot lemon water with sea seeds in morning could offer you a fresh start of a day. Fiber, magnesium, omega-3, fatty acids, antioxidant, minerals, magnesium are some of nutritious properties you will find in sea seeds. Most important thing about Chia seeds is it helps in losing weigh without any nutritious shortfall or physical weakness.

Why Dark Chocolate in BD?

Chocolate is something that no one can ignore. It takes our heart away when we have to give up this delicious food in sake of diet. Dark chocolate has come with good news for all that people who had to compromise eating chocolate to maintain good health. Zero milk and less sugar is the secret recipe of dark chocolate that makes it taste little bitter. The main ingredient of dark chocolate is coco and it makes dark chocolate a best nutritious food for sure. By ensuring oxygen flow to the body it helps to build muscle. Also controlling high blood pressure, preventing hair fall, reducing risk of heart attack or heart diseases are some benefits of eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for weight loss diet, it sharpen memory and pulling out toxic from our body. Beneficial ingredients like Fat, iron, protein, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidant help dark chocolate ranks high in our top 20 food list.

We, who lives in Asian continent, are blessed with some amazing food items and plants, Moringa is one of them. Moringa plant is recognized by its fruit which is extensively used as a vegetable in India. But the nutritious value of moringa leaf is not less than any other vegetable. It can also consider as vegetable but moringa powder is mostly used and popular as medicine. Moringas’ antibacterial properties keep us safe from any germs and diseases; it protects our liver from hepatitis virus and controls high blood pressure. Moringa powder is effective in strengthening bone and hair. The existing protein of moringa makes our skin and hair healthier. It is a gift for diabetics’ patients, the power of controlling blood sugar and body insulin is simply amazing.

Mushroom, a popular vegetable that wins every food lovers heart without any doubt. Here in Indian continental it was not considered as food before but with the passing time we have recognized its taste and health benefits. It is one of those few foods who contain vitamin-D, selenium which is only found in fish is available in mushroom also. It contains vitamin-D which helps in breaking down glucose and produce energy in our body. The existing protein, minerals, antioxidants, amino acid contributes in controlling blood sugar, losing excessive weight, building healthy muscle, eliminating hypertension and protecting heart from diseases. The anti-bacterial properties of mushroom fight with all kinds of bacteria, it is also known as infection protector. Mushroom is not only desirable to vegetarians, every health conscious people now wants to include this food to their daily meal.

Ancients use hemp leaf in producing one kind of drug. But the seeds of this plant are not like that, it is completely drug free and appropriate to eat. These seed are similar to pulse after peeling off the skin. By grinding hemp seeds one kind of milk is obtained, this milk is highly beneficial for health and suitable for children to drink also. Salad, chatny, fish curry, meat, biscuit, burger are some foods where hemp seed are applied to add flavor. Hemp seeds are full with protein, omega-3 and fatty acid; high amount of fiber is available here which simplify the digestion and cut off extra weight. It has magnesium that develops our brain; people who are interested in body building should keep it on their diet chart. Although we don’t have enough practice of using this seed, we should increase the utilization.

The popularity of another seed is now rising in this current era, which is called flex seed. This dried seed is used in cooking and making drinks. It has large quantity of fiber that reduces blood pressure and keeps the heart safe. It takes time to digest, which is helpful in focusing on strict diet. The antioxidant helps to vanish age marks from our face, it takes care our heart, liver and brain as well. Diseases like hypertension and insomnia can be cured by it. Taking 2/3 spoons flax seeds with water or milk daily will show you the path of a long healthy life.

Being healthy is something that cannot be ignored. Only a healthy person can reach his goal and fulfill those dreams that kept him awake. Here we have discussed best 20 nutritious foods that will help you to get a healthy life easily. All we can do is to show you the ways but living healthy life or not is your own choice.