Keto diet is a diet that rising its’ popularity for the passing few years. Keto diet is a diet that rising its’ popularity for the passing few years. Understanding the keto diet foods and their benefits is essential before getting started.

It is something that our ancient followed for the living; it is the process of getting energy by burning fat but not carbohydrates or sugar.

Keto diet is also a popular diet in Bangladesh to burn FAT.

Living with extra weight is not a person’s dream, but the desire of losing weight gone in vain with the strictness and formula of diet sometimes.

High fat, low carbs, and low-to-moderate protein diet is the keto diet. The habit of eating high fat and low carbs helps to burn your fat to produce energy and put your body in ketosis.

To adapt to that habit first you have to change your body fuel source and only eating low carbs can help you to get that.

The Biggest Contribution of Keto Diet Foods and Benefits to Humanity

Well, starting a diet is a big decision for common people. Here we are mentioning some points related to the keto diet foods which we should take a look at before adapting.

Losing weight is not the only thing: Keto is popular for its weight loss power but it is not the only advantage it provides. It is offering you a healthy life that will wash out your inside poison and brings you a healthy fresh starting.

Prepare for some side effects: There are some side effects of this diet that varies from person to person.

A little drowsiness with headache, frazzle, weakness, muscle pain may feel at the first stage of starting the diet. But when your body got adjusted to your body function these will end up.

Avoid carbs: Many foods may be known as low carbs but they are not. We need to avoid every hidden carb and take only 5% carbs from healthy sources like vegetables.

Fruits are delicious and some diets suggest eating them but in this specific diet, they are not welcomed.

Tag as unsocial: You may tag as unsocial if you follow this diet. Our social meetings are full of foods like drinks, chips, pizza, burgers, and a lot of fast foods.

But sticking with a keto diet will inspire you not to take those unhealthy foods to social parties. That is quite difficult, isn’t it?

Eating calculated protein: You are allowed to eat only 20% protein in a day. That means you need to be careful how much protein you are taking and where are you taking it from.

Good source of fat: There are two types of the keto diet, one of them allows you to eat any kind of fat with any amount, and the other advice to take calculated fat from healthy sources only.

The second one works in the long run, so you need to find a good source of fat like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, deshi ghee, peanut butter, tahini, etc.

Not good at exercise: Some say this diet is not suitable for athletics or people who do exercise a lot. This is not a proven one but maintain regular exercise is cool on this diet.

Cook for you: It is some kind of hard to maintain the keto diet, you always have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and never compromise the food. To maintain your exact expected food you should cook on your own.

Shifting your body on something new: Common people used to live over carbs from the stating of their life. Adapting to the keto diet means changing the whole metabolic system, so continuing this diet will seem a little difficult for someone.

When your brain runs by fat rather than carbs it works faster. In the back 90 century when insulin was not available this diet was followed to lower the insulin level of diabetes patients.

Though in this diet, lots of fats are being eaten, it helps to increase the good cholesterol and cut down the bad ones, which is truly helpful in controlling type-2 diabetes.

The long list of keto diet benefits will incomplete if we do not mention weight-loss power. Feeling less hungry is the main secret of this diet.

You can eat tasty without counting the calories whenever you feel hungry. In 1920 this popular diet was introduced as a treatment for epilepsy also.

Epilepsy is one kind of brain disorder which may act serious in some situation; keto diet could wok on curing it.  Controlling bad cholesterol is another advantage of it and this advantage helps to keep our heart safe in the long run.

The mentioned diet also improves the metabolic syndrome; cancer cells which got excited by glucose will starve by adapting keto diet and studies say eating low carbs is helpful diminishing the growth of acne in some case.

The popularity of the keto diet has brought some misconceptions about it. Keto flu is something that made many people afraid while adapting it.

When you put your body in that metabolic state ketosis where you will burn fat instead of glucose to produce energy, you may feel little weakness, headache, dizziness, constipation, etc. at the first level.

But with the growing age of your diet, these problems will vanish. Fatigue, Bad breath, irregular menstrual cycles, sleeping problems are also considered as some side effects though those are not clinically proven.

Keto diet is a way of living healthy; considering the diet, just a program of losing weight is doubt about keto that needs to be clarified.

Some misinformation about the diet is, it harms athletic performance; causes heart diseases, muscle pain, diabetics, and is a reason for diarrhea. All those allegations are groundless.

Confusion arises when it comes to the food list of the keto diet. What should we eat and what shouldn’t be clarified at the first level of the diet plan. 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs are the ratio of the mentioned diet.

Red meat, chicken, ham, lamb, bacon, organ meat along with fishes like catfish, tuna, salmon, and seafood are allowed to eat.

Extra virgin oil especially extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, mastered oil, ghee, and butter can be used to fry or cook. Peanut butter, tahini, raw peanuts, walnut, almonds are some very popular nut items in the keto diet.

Beneficial seeds like flaxseed, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seeds become known with the popularity of the keto diet foods.

All kinds of full-fat dairy food like yogurt, cheese, full creamed milk, etc. also in the list of acceptance but this diet is not much generous about fruits.

Strawberry, blue, red, and blackberry are those counted fruits that can be taken. Experts suggest taking the necessary carbs of diet from vegetables.

Spinach, Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, green beans, mushrooms, tomato, eggplant with a little amount of onion, garlic, and ginger could be your daily veg items when following a keto diet.

You can also take coffee, green tea, lemon water, and even dark chocolate in this diet but always remember never compromise with drinking lots of water.

The main theme of keto is, eat when you are hungry. You have to avoid extra time past eating; fasting is a major part of the keto diet.

You need to fast as long as you can, make your fasting period longer with passing diet days, and eat within some specific time.

It’s recommended that you get a consultation from a Nutritionist before starting with the keto diet foods and know their benefits & side effects well.

Don’t blow with some positive or negative comments about the diet, as a grown person it is up to you to decide what will work well for you or not.

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