Shojina is the most popular vegetable in Bangladesh. Shojina has lot of multiplication like medicinal. Shojina English name is Horse Radish or Drumstick. It scientific name is Moringa Oleifera Lamk and its family name is Moringacea. Shojina is medium type of tree. Generally, it grow up from 9-10 miter high. This tree stem is very flexible. Leaf is complex and tripartite. Flower has two types of color, which is white and red. Fruits average size is 30 to 40 centimeter. In this fruit has triangular seed. Generally every year 2-3 times come flower and fruit. Fruit used as a vegetable.

It grows everywhere in Bangladesh, especially in north side. It can be reproduced by little part of shojina stem. Make bed seed by soil and cow dung mingle with 3:1 ratio. Dry season requires to give water under the tree. When roots grow up then it is high time to forsake polythene bag then plant in soil or it can directly plant in soil.

Shojina tree has lot of beneficial chemical especially it bark has alkaloid, leaf has protein, vitamin and mineral. It seed has oil which is very beneficial for human body. It main necessary part is root. Bark, leaf, fruit and seed. It is very effective for pain, it help to digest. It reduce excessive urine.

Shojina is very effective for joint pain. If you have join pain, you can use bark juice. Take necessary amount of bark juice. Take necessary amount of garlic with bark and crush it. Now you can use as a paste for pain place. It is effective to reduce urine problem and pleha problem. Take root juice and use it is 10-15 millimeter. Take it with milk two times daily.

Cautious: take it certain amount. Excessive amount is harmful for our body.

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