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Moreover, as We are from Bangladesh, used shimul root powder and know its effects and significance. Combining scientific information, traditional usage, and personal experience, here is the best article about shimul root!

Shimul Root Plant

What is Shimul?

Shimul is the Bengali name of the plant Silk Cotton tree (Bombax ceiba). It is found mainly in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Australia, and Africa. Shimul or silk cotton trees grow 20 meters on average, but most giant trees can grow more than 60 meters.

The tree remains green for most of the year. But in the spring, it blooms vibrant red flowers that look like fiery flame. The plant also has a thick throne that makes it different from other plants. Every part of the tree has medicinal value. It has been part of traditional medicines for its wellness-boosting attributes for ages. That’s why local people call it the silent doctor!

Benefits of shimul root: Traditional vs modern use

Shimul roots are one of the most common traditional organic supplements used in different parts of Asia. We have been using it for thousands of years. But, there is a problem with conventional organic supplements. Some traditional herbs have very little scientific research. So, it’s hard to rely on them without scientific evidence.

But when it comes to shimul plant, you would not have to think twice! There is much scientific research on the shimul root powder benefits ( Bombex ceiba powder).

I found research from the G.R.Y. Institute of Pharmacy, 2014. It provides some valuable scientific evidence backing up the benefits of shimul roots.

Shimul Root Powder Benefits

7 Shimul root powder benefits you need to know.

Boosts sexual health

A Study shows that shimul root powder has potential effects on sexual health. Some components of the shimul root can enhance sexual desire, performance, and sperm. It is a common traditional supplement to cure sexual dysfunction.

It’s clear from the research that shimul root affects sexual health positively. But, it may not be very effective for curing diverse sexual problems.

Helps to reduce fat and weight.

Previously mentioned research shows that shimul root can help fight fat and obesity. Fat rat shows noticeable change in their body’s fat-burning and storing system. Researchers believe it is due to the flavonoids and lupeol chemicals of shimul roots.

If you are trying to lose some weight or stay in shape, it can be an excellent organic product. As it has no side effects or health risks, you can take it without any worries.

Note that losing or gaining weight should be a slow process. Fast weight change with any supplement or medicine can be dangerous. However, shimul root does not create similar health issues.

Reduce blood sugar and blood cholesterol.

Shimul root can significantly reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. It is called hypoglycemic activity. ‘Hypo’ means less, and ‘glycemic’ means carbohydrate or sugar. That means it can be beneficial for diabetic patients.

Do you have trouble maintaining blood sugar? The powder might be a good solution for you. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause eye disease, heart problems, kidney failure, and other diseases.

Research also indicates that shimul roots have hypolipidemic effects. (1) It means some components of shimul root lower fat absorption and help fast burning. That means if you take shimul powder, your body will absorb less fat from your food. It will also help to break the fat faster, so does not add up in your weight.

Shimul powder also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. Bad cholesterol causes heart disease, stroke, and fat blockage in veins.

You can use Talmakhana, organic dried fig leaf tea, alternatively.

Good for High blood pressure.

Studies suggest that the shimul root contains shamimin and lupeol. Those two components help to lower blood pressure by relaxing the veins. Shimul root can also reduce blood volume and control heart rate, lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.

As you can see, shimul powder can create protection against most chronic diseases. It can help the patients to control their symptoms. Also, healthy people can use it to prevent diseases.

Shimul/ Red Silk Cotton Powder For Blood Pressure

Helps with Pain relief and absorbs toxins

shimul roots have Mangiferin, a natural painkiller and toxin absorber. Ayurvedic uses it to heal wounds and disinfect them. It also has the ability to bind with toxic-free radicals, cleaning the blood.

Mengifarin reaches the liver and kidney and binds with harmful molecules. This activity helps to protect from organ damage. If you eat a lot of unhealthy and processed food, shimul root powder may be an excellent option to clean your system.

Bacteria-killing abilities

Shimul root powder has vital components that kill bacteria. The tree forms those components to protect itself from bacterial infection. Consuming or applying the bark or root powder helps kill harmful bacteria from our bodies.

It’s so powerful that it can kill cholera bacteria resistant to antibiotics. It’s one of the key abilities of shimul root powder. This ability helps to cure diarrhea, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal piles, and infectious diseases.

Nowadays, bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It is happening due to the overuse of antibiotics to cure infection. If all the bacteria become resistant to the drug, we will have zero protection against bacteria. Shimul root can be a great alternative to antibiotics.

Shimul root for skin care

Shimul root powder can be excellent for skin care. It helps to prevent common skin problems such as acne, rash, and pigmentation. It has excellent antibacterial properties. Shimul roots help to remove the infection and acne-causing bacteria from the skin.

Shimul root paste helps cure wounded skin quickly for its healing effect. It also cleans the scar marks easily from your skin. You can apply a shimul root powder like a mask and wash it after drying.

These were the top shimul root powder benefits for good health and wellness. As an organic food and wellness website, we aim to provide the most accurate insights to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Those benefits are based on scientific papers and trusted sources. But it is not an alternative to doctors’ guidance. For severe cases, please visit medical professionals for an expert opinion.

The bottom line

In Short, shimul root powder has a strong effect on cleaning blood, liver, and kidneys. It helps to reduce fat and cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. The antibiotic property of shimul root cures diarrhea and other infectious diseases. Shimul root powder is suitable for curing sexual problems and skin issues.

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