Tired of hair or skin problems? Shikakai is a natural remedy for them. Know Shikakai or its powder price and availability in Bangladesh.

Shikakai is mostly famous in Asians as the best natural remedy for hair. You can use it as shampoo or hair mask for hair nourishment and growth. You can also make hair oil from this hair fruit which will help to reduce your hair fall. That’s it?

No! That’s not the end of the benefits. Let’s know about Shikakai and its benefits in detail now.

What is Shikakai?

Shikakai, scientific name Acacia Concinna, is a climber bush with thrones. It has brown branches with oblong-shaped pods of dark brown color, two-sided small leaves, and pink flowers.

This plant is full of vitamins A, C, K, and D and anti-oxidants which helps in hair growth, shine, and nourishment. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which are used for medicinal purposes on wounds and skin problems.

Shikakai Powder

The oblong-shaped pods or simply fruits of Shikakai are used as hair shampoo for a long period of time in Asia. Nowadays, for making it easy to use, it’s available in powder form.

Dried Shikakai pods, leaves, and barks are grounded into a powder. This powder paste can be used as both hair shampoo and hair mask and also as a natural remedy in wounds.

Benefits of Shikakai

You already read few benefits of Shikakai. But that’s just a glimpse. It has far more benefits to admire. Though it’s known as “hair fruit” but its medicinal properties and skin benefits are also very high. Let’s know those benefits now.

Benefits for Hair

Shikakai is well known as hair fruit all over Asia. For a long period of time, Asian women are using it as a hair cleanser. No doubt, its hair benefits are the reason for its popularity. Using it on hair provides benefits like-

  1. Increase hair growth
  2. Used as a cleanser
  3. Prevents lice
  4. Removes dandruff
  5. Repair damaged hair and split ends
  6. Controls hair fall
  7. Makes hair soft and shiny
  8. Heals scalp and itchiness
  9. Helps in hair detangle
  10. Delays grey hair
  11. Strengthen and condition your hair

Benefits for Skin

Although being “hair fruit”, Shikakai can be used as a body wash and works magically for the skin. It works amazingly for skincare and diseases. If you use it on the skin, you will get the below benefits-

  1. Treats spot
  2. Cures skin itchiness and rash
  3. Heals minor cuts and wound
  4. Cleans skin from deep
  5. Keep skin soft and glowing
  6. Increase skin tone

Benefits for Medicinal Properties

The medicinal properties of Shikakai are unknown to many people. But you should know this beauty element is also a great natural remedy. This helps in curing many diseases and provides better health.

  1. Cures gum infection
  2. Balance blood sugar level
  3. Cure diseases like black fever and jaundice
  4. Prevents constipation
  5. Improves appetite
  6. Controls bleeding piles

Availability in Bangladesh

Shikakai is an Asian plant and mostly grown in India. It is found in the tropical forests of the Indian subcontinent. But now it’s found in other Asian countries too.

It is also found in the Bangladeshi tropical forest Sundarban. And produced in Mymensingh, Jessore, and Rangamati. Nowadays, Shikakai and its powder are available in all markets and online e-commerce shops. But you have to find the best and organic one for you.  

Quick Tips

After knowing the benefits, there might be a question about how to use it. Here you will get some tips about it.

  • Wet the fruit all night, boil it or take Shikakai powder, mix it with water and apply it to your scalp like a shampoo
  • Using Reetha and Amloki with hair fruit provides the best benefits in terms of hair
  • Shikakai and curd mix can be used as a hair pack to get rid of scalp problems 
  • Hair oil made with almond oil, coconut oil, and Shikakai powder will make your hair stronger and thicker
  • Honey and hair fruit paste helps to increase skin tone and glow 
  • Use henna and hair fruit paste in the burnt or injured area to cure 

Wrap Up

Natural elements are always better than chemical products. Shikakai is best for hair and skincare, as you read in this article. If you want to swap your chemical products with some natural elements then hair fruit can be a great option. As it is available in Bangladesh market so you can get it easily. 


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