Rose considers as queen of all flowers, but it is not only praised for its beauty it has other good qualities too. Since the prehistoric times, Rose is used in cooking and applied as a beauty product, although it is always demandable as a flower mostly. Rose Rosaceae belongs to the family of Rosa; it grows in a type of long live wood and can be found throughout the year. The Asian country is considered the birthplace of rose although almost 100 to 150 kinds of roses exist in the whole world.

Rose is normally used in cooking to bring special flavor to food and decorate it. If you use rose petals or rose water in dishes like roast, rezala, Tehri, biryani it will get extra flavor. It is applied to sweet items like golapjamun, pias, halua, chamcham etc. to make those items more delicious. Now people make jam, jelly, sarbat with this flower and it really tastes good. In foreign country ice cream, cake, salad and different kind of dessert are prepared by rose even rose vinegar is also very popular there. Rose has the power to remove tocsin from our body and it develops digesting system. Rose tea is full of vitamin c that is helpful to cure body fatigue, lose weight and solve internal issues. If you have weakness, migraine pain, stress problem, breathe problem then you should eat rose Patel every day.  By chewing rose petals regularly nervousness go away, it strengthens body bones, teeth and removes any kind of body pain.

Rose is used as a beauty product since the ancient period. It protects skin from any kind of harm, removes dark spots, age spots, wrinkles and helps to get the perfect fair skin. Rose recovers the black shades of lips and gives it pink look. You can apply it as a mascherager with glycerin in winter to protect your skin from dryness.  If you suffer from pimples then rose could be your perfect beauty product.

Some people dry the rose petal to keep it fresh and crumbled it with the intention to use a long time. This dry petal can use easily in cooking and skin care process without any hassles. In this modern period, you need not take the trouble to crumble rose Patel; you can easily get that dry rose Patel in any online shop.

Source: Wikipedia

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