Ritha is a very known and efficient to us for its verities of quality. It was found in North India but now it is growing in every corner of the whole world. Considering the requirements and the growing demand, Ritha cultivation has started commercially. There are two types of ritha are available in the market, one of it is called as big ritha and another is small ritha. It is botanically known as Sapindus mukorossi which looks similar to a dry plum.

Ritha is called as soap plant in English, which represent its modalities. It acts like alkali and applies to clean hair or cloths. It was the alternative of soap in ancient period. In the modern era, the use of soap and detergent reduces the demand for ritha but it is still very desirable for its usefulness and qualities. Soap and detergent contain chemical which is proved harmful both to our skin or clothes. Natural products do not have chemicals or other side effects, people who want to stay away from those chemicals should use ritha for cleaning. It is the solutions to hair fall problem; boil ritha with water, let it cool for some minutes and apply this to your scalp. By following those steps you will gain your desired glowing hair easily, you may also relief from dandruff or lice-infested. Experts suggest ritha for getting strong, soft and shiny hair. You can wash your clothes with it; it cleans clothes without causing any damage and remains cloths as new.  It could be an option of detergent and may apply as a dishwasher, hand washer, cleanser etc.

Let’s know some health benefits of ritha now. Although ritha is generally considered as soap, it has other health benefits too. We often suffer half a headache; mix ritha with red pepper, make juice and apply it to your nose by using a dropper, you will get instant relief. To make your teeth strong and healthy you should use it, it is the solutions of any mouth problem. It is beneficial for eye patient too, boil ritha with water and use this cold water on eyes, it will help to increase eye power.  It is helpful in leprosy, by smelling a little amount of ritha will give immediate relief to a leprosy patient.

It is not necessary to discuss the use of ritha, it has been associated with our daily life since the ancient time. You should apply this quality fruit to stay away from the chemicals.

Source: Wikipedia

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