AgriLife Coconut Cider Vinegar- 480 ml

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✔ Rich in nutrients

✔ Good source of amino acids

✔ Source of Vitamin B and C

✔ High in fiber

✔ Prebiotic for digestive health

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✔ Category: Healthy Drinks
✔ Origin: Thailand
✔ Weight: 480 ml

Special Features

✔ Made with organic defatted & high protein coconut milk

✔ Raw

✔ Unfiltered

✔ Unpasteurized 

✔ Certified Organic

✔ 0% fat

How to Use

✔ Mix 1 to 2 tbsp. with your preferred cold drink 

✔ Best for seasonings, dressings, marinades and sauces

✔ Ideal as a facial toner (dilute with 1:1 ratio before applying) 


✔ Store in a dry cool place 
✔ Best before end 

AgriLife Coconut Cider Vinegar 480 ml

Coconut vinegar is similar to other fermented vinegars such as apple cider and balsamic vinegars. It can either be made with coconut water or from the sap, or “tuba” of the coconut tree.

While apples have a ton of nutritional benefits, coconut appears to trump them. Coconut trees are typically grown in extremely nutrient-rich (often volcanic) soil.

And because of that, the “sap” that’s produced from tapping the coconut blossoms is packed with good stuff from amino acids to vitamins B and C, fiber, and naturally occurring FOS (a prebiotic for digestive health).


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