, A 360 Degree green wellbeing ecommerce first in Bangladesh ,serves clients for last 36 months with its Authentic special products for a beautiful healthy life. With the passage of time we feel consuming only good foods & products are not enough. To lead a Conscious Living, we should know our individual need, act accordingly.
Catering individual Need & giving 360 Degree solution of Conscious living. We must comply with all preventive measure with Mother Nature.
Then comes the idea of our wholeness program Launch in January 2020.
“Wholeness” is a special category where we aiming to asses individual need of a person to lead a meaningful life. Unlesh the true potential of a person by connecting with mother nature.
In “Wholeness”, we asses nutritional Need, Mental health, Fitness, Dermatology & Yoga. A client can easily taste necessary support for preventive measure & follow accordingly to lead a healthy living.
We know consuming few products can’t complete the circle of wellness, It’s the specialized individual service with green living can complete the circle of healthy life, conscious living!
So we called this category as “Wholeness”.
We were about to start 26 March, 2020 in our independent day. Due to covid 19 we are compelled to launch this in June 26, 2020. During covid 19 pandemic, we give this service by individual session with video conferencing, Necessary advice with tests if needed by our partners who take the sample from home & giving report delivery as well keeping physical distance.
After covid 19 it will he much more!