Pipul is a common name in Indian culture.  The use of it does not just increase the taste of the food but also add health value to food chart. This is a flowery plant started known to Greece in 6th and 5th centuries BC. It looks similar to Poppy seeds and numerous pipul grows together in a branch. Although it cultivates for the fruits, the leaves, shrubs or roots all have herbal quality. Pipul is grown in all environments but the warm region is good for the cultivation. Indian herbal books describe more details about pipul.

It is applicable in spicy dishes to sweet ones. It can even use in cooking the vegetable in Indian cooking; it makes food delicious, aromatic and beneficial. Though the use of it is not available in European dishes, it can be found in the North American spice mix. Besides those countries, this spice powder is used in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. In our country, the spice is better known as a peppercorn. Pipul has much quality and it makes food tasty and nutritious.

Pipul is not just popular as a spice, but more popular for its medical properties. It cures complex and acute diseases effectively. Using pipul with hot water can be helpful in fever. It increases body disease prevention power and cures powerful diseases. It is been used in asthma disease since the ancient time. Pipul is really very effective in diabetic; it reduces extra glucose from the blood and keeps blood sugar normal.  It helps in good digression process by killing worm or other bacteria. It is effective in pain, it can reduce any kind of pain and heal wounds. To reduce weight use piple with hot water and honey, the result will be positive surely.  Peepul can even heal rheumatic or placental problems.

Peepul has great health quality, the benefits of peepul make it popular and know to all day by day. Although European countries don’t have habits to apply this in cooking, the scene is changing now. This simple spice could be solving many problems and take care your healthy life. Use peepul for your daily health care, lead a happy, healthy life.

Source: Wikipedia

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