Organic chia seeds milk is a vegan-friendly product. It’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids & protein. This plant-based milk will be more popular in the upcoming days!

Chia seeds are very nutritious than other seeds. From these seeds, chia milk and chia oil can produce. 

In this article, Team MyOrganic will share everything you need to know about organic chia seeds milk.

Organic Chia seeds milk:

Chia milk is produced from chia seeds containing chia seeds protein and oil. These two ingredients are incorporated into the milk and maintain a smooth and creamy texture. Usually, chia seeds contain antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and iron. These nutrients keep your body healthy through their excellent benefits.

Chia milk: sustainability

Organic chia seed is more sustainable than regular milk. It has used no pesticides, no fertilizers, and no chemicals. It has also free from genetically modified organisms. That’s why the impact of organic chia seed milk is high. It is environmentally friendly.

Moreover, organic farming of chia seed milk uses renewable energy that makes agriculture more sustainable. Organic chia seed milk also has a significant impact on the environment, animals, and plants. 

Nutrients content and effects on humans and the environment make organic chia milk more sustainable than regular chia milk.

Taste : organic chia milk

If you have so much plant-based milk and all are environment friendly, then only milk will be accepted if they have good taste. For this issue, organic chia seed milk works best because it tastes pleasant. It has a nutty flavor and a lightly toasted and natural fruit flavor with a creamy texture. If you want sweetened chia seed milk, add a few grams of sugar. The amount of sugar will depend on the target consumer. If the target consumer is a child, then chia seed milk needs a higher value of sugar. But if it is supposed to prepare for adults, then lower sugar should use.

Nutritional analysis:

Organic chia seed milk has no artificial sweetener. It has also free from saturated fatty acids. The milk contains 20 calories per cup. But it has more fiber compared to other plant-based milk. It has almost 2 grams per cup of fiber. The calcium content of chia seed milk is also higher (346 mg milk). It is gluten-free milk with omega-3 fatty acids, which require brain development. Moreover, chia seed milk is allergen friendly.

What makes chia seeds milk more healthy than Others?

Chia seeds contain a lot of calcium. Ten grams of chia seeds have almost 63 milligrams of calcium. The value means that three tablespoons of chia seeds help you to get more calcium than one glass of milk. So, which one is better?

Chia seeds! And if the milk contains chia seeds, then the value increases more. Moreover, the fiber content and vitamin B are also high in chia seeds, making the milk healthier than individual chia seeds or dairy.


How to make organic chia seed milk at Home?


You can prepare chia seed milk easily. The ingredients are available at your nearby food shop. The following elements are:

  • 2 Tb Chia Seeds
  • 1 Tb Chopped Almonds/cashew nut/pistachio/walnut
  • 1 Tb Syrup
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon powder
  • 2 1/2 cups Water

Process :

First, you must blend the nuts, chia seed, and Water through a blender until they have a smooth texture. Then add syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon. After that, add more water until they get a creamy consistency like milk. Then the milk can store in the fridge. 

Benefits of organic chia milk:

Diabetes control: Organic chia milk slows the sugar absorption in the stomach into the blood. The milk also prevents the carbohydrate from being deposited in the cells. Milk works as a barrier for sugar or carbohydrate.

Gut health benefits: Organic chia milk is perfect for your digestive tract because The milk is free from allergens. It is easy to digest for people of all ages. Moreover, as it is gluten-free, it keeps your gastrointestinal tract healthy and strong. People with a problem with soy or cow milk can take chia milk.

Prevents autoimmune disease: Organic chia milk contains omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. The fatty acid inhibits the enzyme that stimulates inflammation. 

Healthy digestion: Organic chia milk has a rich nutritional profile that ensures the healthy digestion of humans. The fiber and fatty acid contents enrich the shape more. Providing proper hydration makes digestion lively.

How to take organic chia seeds milk?

You can add chia milk to your breakfast or dinner. Can take with your snacks rather than using regular milk.

Ways of using chia milk are as follows:

  • Making smoothies
  • To make soups
  • For preparing morning oatmeal or porridge
  • For making a milkshake
  • In baked products
  • For making puddings, or cheese recipes
  • Add in hot or cold coffee

Can you take chia seeds milk at night?

Yes, you can take chia seeds milk at night. Chia seeds contain tryptophan, which regulates sleep. It helps you to have a tight rest. The chia seed milk also works against insomnia. Ignite weight loss. For these reasons, Nutritionist suggest taking chia seeds milk before bed.

Steaming issue with Chia milk:

Sometimes, we prepare the milk, but we have to store the milk in the fridge. After that, it needs steaming. During boiling, we must ensure the temperature is maintained properly. Because, at high temperatures, the nutrients are lost from chia seeds. The shell may break down, and essential fatty acids may be removed.

You must be careful to store the chia milk.

Wrap up : organic chia seeds milk

If you are, this far, already know the basics of organic chia seeds milk. It’s health benefits & much more. Do not hesitate to buy this chia milk from Amazon.

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