Export Potential of Bangladeshi Organic Food

Usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other products started during the Green Revolution in the 1960s which resulted in a major increase in crop production in the country. However, after few years, farmers noticed that these chemical fertilizers and pesticides are destroying soil fertility, biodiversity and the crops produces are causing serious problems to human health. Farmers in many countries around the world are using excessive pesticide, hormones, preservatives and ripening agents in food posing a serious threat to human health. For this reason, organic farming and organic food started to become popular.

The main problem of organic food is that they cannot be produced in huge quantities and production process is costly. For this reason, their price is high. Still, demand for organic food increased rapidly all over the world. People buy them because they do not contain harmful chemicals.

International market of Organic products:

According to FiBL, an independent non-profit, research institute of Europe in the past decade sales of organic product observed 300% growth and USA, Germany and France became the top market for organic products. At present, 164 countries around the world are importing certified organic products are exported to different countries


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