Ghee is a familiar source of nutrition for us. The life of Bengali people is related with the taste of ghee over the top. By ghee, or clarified butter, we mean the purest one made from the cow’s milk, what we call “Gawa Ghee”.

Gawa ghee is, as stated before, made out of the cow’s milk separating the liquid fat and milk solids. In other words, ghee itself is a food item made out of milk with most of the nutrition of milk.

Ghee holds a wide range of benefits and nutrition. Gawa ghee contains Butyric Acid, which helps with the digestion process. Especially, for those who are suffering from constipation, ghee is quite benevolent. It also plays a big role in decreasing cholesterol.

Nowadays, many of us think that having ghee means simply enlisting yourself in gaining extra weight, which is not fully true. In fact, ghee, today, is considered an important fact in losing extra weight. Dietitians often advise adding an optimal quantity of gawa ghee in the diet list because this holds your energy for a longer time period. Also, ghee contains some fatty acid and chain fatty acids that help decrease bad cholesterol rather than increasing weight.

Another benefit of gawa ghee is that, Vitamin A, D, and E from it take care of skin, eyes, decrease joint pain and strengthen the bones. In ancient Ayurveda, ghee is considered as the “superfood” for brain development, which also does wonders in making memorization power stronger.

Gawa ghee contains antioxidants which increases immunity and prevents inflammation naturally. Ghee also works on maintaining heart-health, preventing diabetes and cancer. The Linoleic Acid from ghee, creates a safety sphere around our body.

From times long ago, gawa and other types ghee are considered to be the “big positive food”. This one single item can bring you immense taste in your meal and provide various energy needed.