Aiming to Raise awareness among the people of Bangladesh about the side effects of contaminated foods and deliver their own produced organic foods and goods to the doorsteps of people has started out. Today at  P.M, on the 2nd day of Bengali New Year, arranging a gorgeous inauguration program in  Elephant Road office of they have launched officially.


Currently, most of the agricultural crops and livestock aren’t produced and grown up naturally or organically. Our farmers are using pesticide, chemical fertilizer, growth hormone, preservatives and other detrimental chemicals from producing agricultural crops to selling them to the markets. On the other hand, most of the foods and goods available in the markets are either duplicate or highly contaminated. So consuming these agricultural crops, food items we are facing various fatal diseases like cancer, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis etc.


To save the people from such health risk and help them live healthy life has come forward. Myorganicbd, an organic company, is producing agricultural crops, spices naturally and without using pesticide or chemical fertilizer in their own fields and sell them to whole Bangladesh. Currently, they are going to start fish cultivation in their own ponds and livestock farming organically. Myorganicbd is also planning to make natural household goods and work with lifestyle products in future.


e-Cab president Razib Ahmed was the chief guest of the inauguration program. When giving his speech he said, “Now people of our country have been more health conscious than before. Therefore, the demand of organic food items and goods is increasing day by day. But we do not have sufficient organic company currently to meet the demand. Myorganicbd is going to appear to the organic field of Bangladesh with their produced crops, food items, and goods. Hopefully, they will be able to meet this increasing demand greatly. I highly admire their beginning and wish their best luck”


Mohammad Shariful Alam, the owner of, thanked all the guests attended the program and said, “At present, we are taking poison in our body naming food. Therefore, not only we’re being affected but also a threat is being created for our future generation. Let’s immediately build a trend of consuming and using organic food to save our life and make a better future for our next generation. My Organic BD is staying continuously beside you to make it happen”

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