I grew up in a suburb. I had a childhood of seeing nature closely. Playing in the Paddy field, fresh air, Natural food. Still, it was the time of safe food. I did not see farmers using too much chemical, tonic to harvest more!

Over time, I accept city life. Learn to live with pollution! I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world. I can feel the air is not good. The food needs to be fresh. There is so much adulteration in daily food intake. Until my wife got pregnant, she went through complicated conditions. Need good food. It was very hard for me to get that nutritious, safe food.

The standard of food becomes lower. I know the difference. Cause I passed the transition. Fortunately, I worked in a group of companies Founded by Kazi Shaheed Ahmed. The tea brand Teatulia and tea garden were built up by his hard work. He was the person who established this kind of garden in Bangladesh. In his time, He is one of the best entrepreneurs. Maybe Henry Ford for Bangladesh.

He directly influences me. Have some sweet memories with lifetime lessons. I saw how he did sustainable organic farming. Everything reminds me of my childhood. My present problem with an unborn baby! Safe natural food.

This is the beginning of Myorganic Bd.

I left the job in December 2014. I worked full-time to grow my marketing agency. As a traditional marketing professional, I am working hard for my new venture. While creating brands for others, I start building my own brand, Myorganic Bd.

Since 2017, It was going through. In this epic journey, we evolve from a startup to a specialized local eCommerce. Now, we are thriving globally with the power of the internet, knowledge of healthy food, wellness, and harmony with Mother Nature. We are becoming the Healthline of organic food & wellness!

My marketing agency also transformed from a conventional agency to a digital agency

Through my work, I meet so many people worldwide, impacting the world organically. I am blessed with those fantastic people. First. My tribute to the late Kazi Shaheed Ahmed. I miss him.

I am highly motivated by Mark Webster, founder of Authority Hacker. I am challenging my marketing thoughts according to his lessons. He is doing a fantastic job in Organic marketing.

I follow Kevin Espiritu, CEO of Epic Gardening, for his extraordinary job. My colleague Michael Jones is doing an outstanding job with solar power. He is a solar expert in Cape Cod, MA. He has two solar websites: Cape Cod Solar Guys and Swithing to Electric. With every struggle, we are growing together.

I have lots of friends working with sustainability and fulfilling SDG. There are a lot of stories to tell. For today, I want to write a blog for MyOrganic bd. But I ended up writing a personal story. Sometimes, what we think never goes our way.

But I plead to you guys to build the most trusted knowledge resource for organic wellness. I am having a green, organic life this year!

Myorganic Bd
Founder & CEO at MyOrganic Bd

Mr. Shariful Alam Pavel believes in natural living. To live a healthy conscious living, we need to eat green, live green. MyOrganic Bd is a green wellbeing brand, educating millions to live a better life with mother nature.

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