Mouri is an aromatic spice which brings extraordinary taste and flavor to food. It is some kind of radish herb, mouri is the seeds which are collected from the yellow flower of mouri plant. Mouris’ seeds are being separated after gathering the mature flower and dry. Those dry seeds are used as a spice all around the world. Mediterranean islands are considering the home place of this spice but now it is a common and popular to all the countries. It has great flavor with sweet and sour taste. It’s not only applicable as a spice, but also it is considering as an herbal medicine.

Mouri is suitable for any kind of spicy food like fish curry, roast, mutton, biryani etc. It can be found in mix Indian spice called pach phoran. To make vegetable yummy and bring attractiveness you will just need a little amount of mouri but should be careful about the excess use.  We all love chotpoti, to make this delicious food more tasty mouri is the best choice. This spice also has praises many other countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, America, Arabic countries etc. Italian dishes filling incomplete without the use of mouri.

The benefits of mouri cannot be described in short. You will feel better eat some mouri after taking a heavy meal, it helps in the digesting system, slove gastric problem and keep lever healthy. It contains vitamin C, iron, flourant, potassium and fiber, which is antibacterial and antigenic quality. The spice reduces blood cholesterol which is the main reason to the heart disease. To keep your heart healthy chew some mouri after the meal or make tea of it. Mouri can act like a mouth freshener as it has killing power which destroys mouth germs and provides fresh breath. People who want to lose weight but couldn’t make it should eat mouri, their tension will be gone immediately. It helps in memory boosting and sharpe the brain power.

To get a healthy and active life add mouri in your diet chart. It prevents cancer, asthma, cold diseases etc. It is also beneficial for hair and skin. To get relief from pimples, dark spots, sun spots use fennel. Solve your hair problem with mouri, It makes hair healthy, soft and silky. Boil mouri with hot water, keep it clod and use this water after shampoo, your dandruff problem will be solved for sure.

Mouri will take care your health and also protect your hair and skin. Let not ignore the benefits of it, add this to your daily chart and become fit.

Source: Wikipedia
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