There are verities item of spices and among them, Jaifal is mostly known. This quality spice is mainly used to add fragrance at cooking. The amazing fragrance makes it popular and familiar to all over the world.  An Indonesian island called Moluccas is considered as the birthplace of this spice. Jaifal is collected from an evergreen plan which name is Jaitri. After collecting the raw fruit from the tree the seeds being apart from the fruit and dried. These dried seeds need to crumb to make powder and use in a different kind of cooking item. The fragrance of the spice has great appealing power; it makes food more delicious too. This is the reason why food lovers from all around the world love to use the spice in cooking.  In our country jaifal applied in dishes like meat, biryani, roast, semai, paias etc. The specialty of this spice is that it helps meats to cook quick.  At any special occasion or shahi event, the flavor of it makes water to the food lovers’ mouth.  The use of faifal gura is not limited to our country. Many Asian countries like India, China, Malaysia, Sri- Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal etc. and also some European & American countries got that habit to use this spice. Use of Jaifal gura can be found in many foreign dishes such as pudding, cakes, jelly, donuts etc.  From the ancient period, this remarkable spice is available almost in every dairy dishes in everywhere.


Jaifal has extraordinary nutritional qualities. It can be considered as natural or herbal medicine. It reduces mental pressure or depression and relaxes the nerve system. Ancient Chinese people applied that to get relief from any type of pain like back pain, joint pain, muscle pain etc. Jaifal is really beneficial to those People who could not sleep well with mental pressure or depression. People who suffer from clod cholera or have kidney disease should use the spice while cooking. It is also helpful in digestion, it solves the gas or indigestion or constipation or any kind of digestion problem.  Jaifal prevents hair fall and makes skin glow.  This can be applied as a beauty product, you can make face pack or use it as a scrubber to remove acne, blackheads, dead skin also.


By adding this beneficial spice to your kitchen spice list you can add some extra tastes to your dishes and stay safe from many dangerous diseases. Jaifal will make you healthy and glow from inside and outside.

Source: Wikipedia

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