The word adulteration is not new to us, the presence of contamination is found in almost every product in the market. The list is getting longer day by day and pulses are another addition of this contamination list now. Pulse is a vital source of protein; people who want to avoid animal protein consider this the best way to fulfill their daily need. It contains all kinds of nutrients including minerals, calcium, carotenes, carbohydrates, vitamins B12, proteins, iron, fiber, potassium, and sodium.

Due to the better taste and cheaper price, it is widely used to meet the daily protein requirements. It is able to fulfill 20 to 25 percent daily protein need. Since only 5 to 7 percent of the land is been used for cultivating pulses it is needed to import a huge amount of pulses every year. Some dishonest businessmen are taking advantage of this growing demand; they are mixing chemicals, textile color, and water with it and selling them at a high price. There are varieties between the kind and price of pulses. Fraud traders mix textile color, turmeric, oil, and chemicals with low rate pulses and present it as a high rate pulses in the market. Along with that, they are mixing low-quality pulses called anchor pulses with the fresh pulses which are used as a cow feed basically and not good for the human body in any way. The only concentration of traders is to increase the weight of the product; with this intention they bring the wet pulses in the market and sell them without any wrong feelings. But the pulse with the wet condition is easily infected by fungus, which results in abdominal disorder and later on becomes food poisoning. There is proof of selling waste and spoil pulse too, after the chemical wash and coloring you will never able to verify which one is fresh and real. Those spoiled pulses become more harmful for health after these chemical processors.
This type of pulses is known as chines pulse in the local market, digestion problem, stomach diseases, kidney failure, liver cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, gallbladder cancer, diabetics are some of the examples of diseases that cannot be ignored if we continue to eat such contaminated pulses. The effects of chemicals can weaken your nerves and immune system and cause various stubborn diseases. These inappropriate foods can lead you to problems like skin diseases and skin cancer, hair loss, skin irritability, dandruff, age spots etc. It weakens the body from the inside and results in mental exhaustion, anxiety, unhealthy disease etc. It can interrupt the normal development of your baby; the presence of chemicals may also stop the brain development of children and cause asthma, mental impairment, eye problem etc. If you want to save your child from disorder then you should avoid this adulterated food during the pregnancy thoroughly.

These harmful substances are also found in imported pulses. Due to the fact of mismanagement, there is no suitable quality control or verification system. For protecting the nation from the upcoming danger we will need right storing system and training. We need to educate our farmers and traders too, inform them about the bad effects of contaminated food and make them aware, only then we can get a pollution free land.

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