It is a very old tradition to visit sick friends or relatives with fruits. Fruit is an item of food only it is kind of dietetic also. It acts like a real friend through health recovery after diseases.

The matter of compunction is that we didn’t spare fruit from the contamination. Every type of fruit that was known as beneficial before is contaminated in any way. In fruit contamination, the inner contamination is more terrifying than the outer contamination.





Banana and pineapple are one of our most favorite country fruit, but now it exceeded all the past records of using poison in the cultivation of banana. Using banned chemicals added another level in this contamination. Hormone injection and other powerful chemicals are used to make big sized and juicy pineapple. There exist many farmers who do not eat the pineapple that they grow.

Sometimes they cultivate it organically for their personal requirement though it does not look as appealing as the contaminated one. The contamination scenario is not variable in a different type of fruits in Bangladesh. There are no standard quality criteria for testing the quality of food; actually, we have not able to establish it yet.

Thousands of mangos are destroyed by the law enforcement forces every year claiming it poisonous. Litchis are considering more terrible these days.

Excluding the country fruits, we are not actually safe in eating imported fruits also. We all know the abuse of chemicals in imported fruits like apple, orange, grapes and dates etc. These contaminated fruits stay fresh month after month; even insects do not attract by it.

We do not maintain any standard measurement process or preservation system or policy of use in fruit processing system. This is the reason why our fruits can be compared with poison now these days. It is not effective in recovering diseases now but the reason for it. The contaminations cross the level of tolerance. If we do not take any effective steps against contamination immediately, our future generation will be destroyed soon.



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