1. What does Organic mean actually?

Organic actually refers to farming methods where farmers abstain from using chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, artificial feeds during growing crops and livestock.Adding preservatives or additives during preserving the crops isn’t seen in organic farming method too.

2. What is Organic Food?

The food which is grown without any kind of chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers and later which is persevered naturally is called Organic Food. Farmers emphasize much on renewable resource, more environmentally sustainable management and use natural fertilizers during cultivating Organic Foods. This cultivation protects the ecosystem as well as our planet. Organic Foods are eco-friendly and beneficial for both nature and our health.

3. Why Organic Food?

Most of the foods existing in markets are adulterated & grown using toxic artificial pesticides and fertilizers that always carry a risk of bringing fatal diseases to our body if we consume them. But organic foods come from trusted sources. These foods are eco-friendly and healthy. If you want to lead and have a happy life with sound health, start consuming organic foods. Staying more closer to Mother Nature.

4. How can I purchase any product from MyOorganicBD.com?

1. At first visit our website and you can do registration.
2. Then choose your desired products visiting all the pages of My Organic BD where our products are displayed.
3. Click on your choose product to know about its detail information, color, photos. Then select size and quantity of the product.
4. Then click on “Add to Cart” option. After that Continue shopping or you can check out just clicking on “Check out” option.
5. After checking out you will get a page where you have to provide your convenience payment method and your shipping address. Fill the page up.
6. Lastly click on “place order” and complete shopping

5. What are the payment methods existing in MyOrganicBD.com?

For your convenience bKash, Master card, Visa card, COD, PayPal payment services are available in our company. Click on our “Payment Policy” page to know more.

6. Is registration in Myorganicbd.com mandatory?

We recommend our every customer to register in our website. But Registration is not mandatory to purchase any products. You can happily choose and purchase any products without registration.

7. How to register?

1. First visit www.myorganicbd.com
2. Click on “Login/Register” option.
3. Provide your name, email address and mobile number.
4. Then click on “submit” and be registered.

8. Is registration is fully free?

Obviously, registration is fully free for any visitor.

9. Is my information safe here?

We never share anyone’s information with third parties and we strictly maintain the safeness of your information.

10. Does Myorganicbd.com delivery their products outside Dhaka?

Yes, we delivery our products to all the parts of Bangladesh. Please visit our “Shipping & Delivery” page to know more.

11. What’s the nearest time of you to delivery?

For Dhaka we have 2 delivery slots. One is 9 am to 2 pm and another is 4 pm to 9 pm. You will get your product delivered in the upcoming slot. Please visit our “Shipping & Delivery” page.

12. Can I return or exchange any product if I don’t like it?

Yes, you can return or exchange maintaining some specific rules for these. Please go to our “ Return & Exchange” page to know detail.

13. Is there any option in Myorganicbd.com to get refund?

Refund option is available for some reason. Know more about refund option visiting our “Return & exchange” page.

14. Why should I subscribe to Myorganicbd.com newsletter?

When we come with any new offer or discount we send notification of them to our clients’ mail address who subscribe to our newsletter. 10% discount on first order for subscribing newsletter is also available.