Published e-Book on Organic Food and Staff in BD, an online store selling organic food and organic products, published an e-book on organic crop and vegetables of Bangladesh. Today (Friday), the book was unveiled at e-CAB Mirpur Adda organized by the Startup Funding Committee of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB).

The book titled, “Organic Food and Staff: In Perspective of Bangladesh” covers different aspects of organic food production in Bangladesh i.e the current market size, potential, health benefits of organic foods, etc.

Under the supervision of My Organic BD, Shape Communications Bangladesh and Search English, the largest online English language learning platform in the country, worked on the e-book.

Razib Ahmed, Founding President of e-CAB and founder of Search English, the largest online English language learning platform in the country, unveiled the book. He expressed his satisfaction over the activities of He said, “We have now become conscious about the quality of our foods. Organic food is already popular in our country and its popularity will only increase. Often, we read news reports about usage of harmful chemicals in our foods and its effects on our health. Organic food does not have harmful chemicals. Taking organic food is the ideal solution to this problem. Hence, took a timely step by publishing this book. I am sure that many people will gain insight into organic foods of our country after reading this book.

I am also very happy that members of Search English contributed to this book. They worked round the clock to develop contents for the book. We are very happy to be a part of this project.”

Shariful Alam Pavel, founder CEO of said, “Since ancient times, agriculture has been the backbone of our country’s economy. Even today, it has great contributions to the economic growth of our country.

In the last eight years, food production in the country increased by 60 lakh metric tons. Thanks to the government policies, we observed huge success in fisheries and livestock. One of the biggest challenges we are facing today is the excessive usage of chemical substances in growing and processing crops and vegetables. Our farmers use insecticides, chemical fertilizers, that are deteriorating the quality of our foods and causing various deadly diseases. These chemicals are also destroying our environment. For this reason, I started My Organic BD, a venture that sells high-quality organic foods and lifestyle products.

We produce organic crops using natural compost and other natural elements. For this reason, organic foods have no harmful side effects on human health. Plus, they are also environment-friendly. However, we noticed that there is a severe lack of knowledge regarding organic foods among common people in Bangladesh. By reading our e-book common people will gain knowledge about the organic foods of our country and how they can benefit from taking organic foods. We are also hopeful that the book will encourage them to buy organic foods and organic lifestyle products.”

He said that the book is open for all. Anyone can download the book from and website and read it.

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