A source of animal protein is chicken meat. Increasing demand and high price people forget the local chicken taste and compelled to farm’s chicken. Excessive price and damage of red meat, today the main source of meat in the food list has become broiler. Roast, fries, grill and many ways we eat this chicken. But do we know how much poison is going in the name of protein to our body?

Poultry industry was gradually increasing since independence and currently, about 40 to 45 percent of the meat comes from the poultry farms this year. For additional production and profit, these farms are now running with the harmful chemicals, vaccines and antibiotics. In order to reach 6 pounds of weight, a chicken may normally take 70 days, to get it in just 47 days, farmers using excessive chemicals and sell chicken to the market. Recently, a report from NTV found that the use of tannery skin leftover used as chicken food. It contains toxic substances called chromium and cadmium. World health organization (WHO) said, only 35 micrograms of chromium can tolerate the body. Though it is possible to destroy chromium at 2900 degree centigrade temperature but we use 100 to 150 degree centigrade temperature in cooking. In such a situation, chromium inside chicken does not get wasted by cooking. The application of various medicines, steroids and vitamins for growing weight and healthy poultry also toxic for US. Chicken meat has excessive fat or cholesterol that can increase the fat content of the body up to 224 percent.

This situation is getting worst day by day. This use of the excessive antibiotic may reduce the rate of chicken’s death but it is also increasing the risk of human health. These topics are also discussed in all Bangladeshi print and electronic Media. It is found that the regular antibiotics of chicken also coming into our bodies. As a result, Germs are becoming stronger than before and creates antibiotics resistant.
The popular antibiotic penicillin discovered in 1940 had lost its effect only in 10 years. Tetracycline did not last for two years in 1948. Arithromythin’s arrival in 1952, but by 1955, its effectiveness was eroded. Later methicillin, which came in 1960 with the help of penicillin, became ineffective in 1 year.

These Antibiotics used in chicken reduced immune system day by day. Kidney, liver, and heart are being damaged. Cancer cell might develop. It’s much scary for pregnant women and children. During those pregnancies, the chicken may play a deadly role in infantile disabilities, malnourished, mentally unstable. Children’s mental development is interrupted, normal growth of the body is hindered and their kidneys, stomach, and body cells could be destroyed. It reduces body immunity so that most children are now being recognized for weakness and frequent illness.
In the absence of the antibiotic functioning of the body, about 7 lakh people die every year in the world. That’s really terrible information for mankind. Scientists say that antibiotics will lose its real effectiveness by 2050.

Good quality of food and fertilizers for fish is provided by the farmer’s from poultry and poultry waste. If this poultry is poisonous then it is quite risky to become fish, cereal and vegetables poisonous along with the meat.

Poultry farms supply daily 2 million kg out of daily demand 3 million kg of meat in the country. So we have to be aware of this pollution of chickens. The government along with the people of the country has to raise voice against unhealthy food. They have to stop trading and choose food from a safe and healthy source.

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