Benefits of Ashwagandha For Skin


In Ayurved medication, ashwagandha is a very important element for human skin and hair. For its heir and skincare medicating power, it is pretty much known across the world.

It originates from Asia(India). Nowadays Nepal, China & Yemen are cultivating it commercially. In English, people calling it “Withania Somnifera”.

The somniferous comes from the Latin language which means sleeping. The whole name is interesting as Ashwa comes from energy represented by a horse and Gandha means smell.

Simply indicates that the root of the plant is like a crazy horse. This tries to convince you to give energy & refreshment. More interestingly, grinding its leaves on hand will give a smell like coming from the body of a horse.


The Usages of Ashwagandha

We are using the root of ashwagandha as powder form, also the fruits & leaves can be used to solve various health problems. Regularly taking the leaves of ashwagandha burns fat & don’t let unite fat components in the body.

In ancient times people ate ashwagandha by mixing it with milk or honey and they all addressed it as ‘very beneficial to health.

People believe that ashwagandha can solve almost every disease. In modern times, usages of ashwagandha are increasing holding the hand of science.


Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Skin And Hair

Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Skin And Hair


Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Skin and Hair


Ashwagandha In Beauty Care

In ancient Ayurved medication, ashwagandha was taken as an effective medicine for almost all diseases. Many use it in beautification. People mix the root powder with various face packs for hair care and face glowing.


Benefits of Ashwagandha For Skin Care

For skin brightening, it has an excellent impact because of its antioxidant properties and blood circulating capabilities. Ashwagandha also increases the disease’s preventive power. It removes the age spots.

The main problem of dry skin is lacking softness or moisture. The softness of the skin increases by taking ashwagandha regularly because it has excellent moisturizing properties.

In Ayurved medication, ashwagandha powder used in dry skin, cutting & burning. In recent times Ayurved beautification is especially for dry skin. Ashwagandha is hugely used on the skin as it provides great healing power.

For the skin, toner ashwagandha has great use mixed with lemon juice and dry ginger. This toner is being used for a long since & still so popular.

Ashwagandha also hydrates the skin as it has hyaluronan which increases the water flow into tissue. This holds the freshness for a long period. The problem we face very commonly, Ashwagandha handles this very smoothly. 

For defending cancer, collagen is an effective constituent that contains a large amount in ashwagandha. 


Benefits of Ashwagandha for Hair Caring

Ashwagandha has a magical effect on caring hair. It strengthens the hair root by speeding up blood circulation. For healthy hair, the follicle is a very important component that contains highly ashwagandha.

Nowadays hair falling is a great problem for us but ashwagandha is a supertonic for this problem. Its anti-oxidant  & hormone balancing system plays a vital role. For this reason today it is being used in ayurvedic shampoo & oil.

We also face another problem which is breaking hair, especially from the middle of the hair. This happens to the lacking of amino acids & iron. Ashwagandha will give you relief from most of these problems.

So regularly using Ashwagandha can work as a healer as well as a beauty enhancer.


We have discussed the benefits of ashwagandha for hair and skin, and we find that this medicinal herb is extremely helpful for the body. In the future people will make many and more powerful medicines from this incredible herb as it helps us in every way.


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