Beef is very tasty food. It is incomparable not only in taste but also in nutrition. Beef is considered the biggest source of protein. Though in present times health-conscious people are trying to avoid this meat due to health complications. But beef has certain useful sides. Eating a controlled amount, one can avail of a balanced protein.

Every day the eatable level is 3 ounce or 85gm. From every 3 ounces, you will get 34% zinc. Beef is the source of natural B-complex, Vitamin(1) (Thiamine) 4%, Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) , 15% B-3 ( Niacin), 36% B-6 29%, Vitamin B-9( Follet), B-12 110%.

Also with this required amount of fat-soluble Vitamin can be achieved from beef. Vitamin D 1%, vitamin E 3% & vitamin K 1% are in beef. In 250gm calorie, cholesterol 30%, Sodium 3%, Potassium 9%, colline 17%.

Also there is minerals which contain Calcium- 2%, Copper-43%, Iron-20%, Magnesium- 6%, Manganese-1%, phosphorus-28% selenium-31%, Sodium-5% & Zinc-66%.

So it can be said that Beef is very nutritious food. But over or excessive eating is not good for health. It can be bad rather than good. Health issues will be prioritized during cooking & eating. With moderate eating health can be greatly benefited.