Beef is the most demanding and procurable protein in our country among all types of animal meat. The contentment of festival feels like incomplete without it, Eid-ul-Adha can’t even imagine without the presence of cow meat.

We all love to celebrate our festivals with delicious food. Beef is the most common food in delicious foods list. We feed our children these delicious beef items without any hesitation. But, do we even realize how much poison we are allowing them to eat through this delicious food?


Nutritional Fact Of Beef


Contamination doesn’t come only from the outside sources; contamination can be assimilated with the upbringings of animals too. The way we produce meat from the cow, it could prove as a boomerang.

Using urea to fatten the cow is an old thing now. Steroid, hormones, different kind of harmful medicines are some addition to this contamination process. We don’t have any idea about the contamination in cattle feed, but you could get some ideas about it after realizing the amount of adulteration in human food. If you think contamination in cattle feed should not bother you, then let you know that you are the main victim of these contaminations.

Another fraud that making the situation worse than before is feeding cow the poultry feed. We all aware about the contamination in poultry feed and the bad effect of it in chicken meat, if the same feed is being used as a cow meal the same thing will happen with beef also. Moreover, poultry feed is not suitable for Cattle. We don’t have any clear data yet how deadly it is for the Cattles and For Human body?

By feeding cows this contaminated feed we are not only poisoning the meat but also the milk. Toxic like chromium can destroy our body cell thoroughly and this ingredient can be found in poultry and cow feed in high level. No serious steps are taking against it, even this kind of dangerous issue didn’t get any media coverage yet.
Using excessive water for protecting the meat from dryness is the other creative way to increase the weight of meat. It must not surprise you that you buy 100 to 150 grams of water with per kg of meat.

The medicines and antidotes, poultry feed that are applied in cow exist in the meat and it cannot be resisted by cooking or burning. This kind of toxic causes complex diseases like kidney disease, digesting problem, heart disease etc. It is a silent killer that poisons our bodies slowly. These contaminations could drag you to death by causing cancer and other diseases. Inner contamination is as deadly as outer contamination.

There is still hope, we can protect our nation from these terrible contaminations. Our awareness can be proved as our main shield. So, be aware of the contamination and stand against it with myorganicbd.

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