Organic apple cider vinegar for hair has several solid benefits. But remember, it is not a magic potion that will provide you with Rupanzel-like hair overnight. But you can certainly see its effect just after one use!

I’m Azad, a microbiologist and a writer in team Myorganic bd. We specialize in organic food, nutrition, and wellness, with 41 years of cumulative experience. We know how various bacteria and fungi can impact our hair health. And how OAVC can help maintain a balanced scalp. Moreover, We use apple cider vinegar in our daily life. Based on real life experience deliver the best insights and authentic facts for you!

In this article, we will dive deep into the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar for hair. Proper use, and how to minimize the chance of complications.

5 Benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

Your beautiful hair defines your overall well-being and charm. But constantly switching between different products can drain its health and luster. What is an organic product you can use for balanced and attractive hair? Your kitchen shelf may have the answer: organic apple cider vinegar!

There are dozens of claims about apple cider vinegar’s benefits for hair all over the internet. Real benefits may not be that many, but certainly, there are some concrete ones that you can rely on for your naturally healthy hair.

Here are the five science back benefits of organic apple cider vinegar for hair:

Shines Your Hair Like Nothing Else

No matter what shampoo, conditioner, or hair product you use, nothing can beat the shininess that organic apple cider brings to your hair. The reason is straightforward to understand. Let me elaborate.

Our hair may look smooth, but there are thousands of tiny cracks in each hair. Those cracks and pores are often filled with dirt, grease, and debris. Most hair products can clean them effectively, even if they cause new pores!

The acid nature of apple cider vinegar effectively removes dirt and debris from our hair.  Instantly providing noticeable shine without creating any pores.

It’s the acid part of apple cider vinegar & different enzymes, bioactive compounds produced by beneficial bacteria. That may promote hair health. However, we need more scientific conclusive research on it.

Expert Tips : Organic apple cider vinegar will not react with your colored hair. But we don’t recommend using ACV within a week of coloring your hair. Once the pigmentation is fixed in your hair, ACV can help to lock in the color.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair

Fix Frizzy hair

When the hair pores and cracks are dirty and unhealthy. Each hair acts unevenly, it is the primary reason for frizzy hair. Once you clean hair properly with organic apple cider vinegar, the split part and pores are sealed naturally. Give more manageable and smoother hair. In that sense, organic apple cider vinegar detoxes our hair. 

I can’t help laughing when “writers” misguided people by saying, use this or that for one month, and you will get princess-like hair. But the actual scenario is pretty different. Even though OAVC benefits your hair, it is certainly not enough to unlock your hair’s best potential. 

To unleash full beauty of your hair, You must clean & moisturize regularly. Eat a balanced diet, and keep your scalp healthy. Note that OAVC can keep your scalp healthy and clean your hair, boosting its shine.

Expert Tips : Apple cider vinegar may cause hair dryness if you already have dry hair. Try reducing the amount to apple cider vinegar. Or apply organic hair oil for moisturizing after using OAVC.

 Remove scalp infection and itchy head

An itchy, dusty head is often known as dandruff. It can also be a bacterial or fungal infection. “Candida” is a yeast species that can infect our scalp and cause hair fall and steamed dandruff. Natural bacteria may also cause itchiness if you have an oily scalp.

Organic apple cider vinegar has natural anti-microbial properties that may reduce the chance of scalp infection and itchiness. Its antifungal properties may help you with ringworm in the scalp and other body parts.

Dandruff protection and pH balance

Melassizia is a type of fungus that lives by eating the sebum oil from our scalp. Their waste product builds up in our scalps as dandruff, causing itchiness and unhealthy hair. Apple cider vinegar can effectively remove fungus and dandruff from our scalp.

The natural pH of our hair and scalp is between 4.5 to 5.5. In this pH range, the hair cuticles are tightly closed, healthy and shiny look. However, different shampoos and hair products can disturb this balance. Organic apple cider vinegar lowers the scalp’s pH, aiding smooth and vibrant hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair

Enhance healthy hair growth : OACV for hair

Fast and healthy hair growth depends significantly on the scalp’s health. Especially the hair follicles from where the hair grows. Dandruff, oil, wax, dead skin, and debris can clog hair follicles.

Organic apple cider vinegar dissolves the dirt and debris from our hair. Reopens the hair follicles. This enhances the wellness of our scalp and follicles. Transform scalp healthy for thicker and faster hair growth.

However, you may need to wait at least two months to observe noticeable hair growth. You can repair your existing hair. Nurturing the healthy growth of new hair. 

Apple cider vinegar for hair: how to use?

Using apple cider vinegar for your hair is simple. You don’t need any other ingredients; applying them takes very little time. Just 5 minutes of soaking with diluted organic apple cider vinegar will do the trick. 

How often should you use apple cider vinegar? You should not use apple cider vinegar more than once to twice weekly. Using it once is the standard. In case your hair is very oily and becomes greasy easily, you may consider using it every 4 days.

How To Use Acv For Hair?

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair?

Here is the step-by-step process of application. 

Step 1: Preparing OAVC for hair 

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water. 8 ounces equals almost 230 ml, so a 250 ml bottle may help you measure the water. If you have long hair, consider using 16 ounces and 2-4 spoonfuls of water. You can use tap water to make the solution. 

If you are new to apple cider vinegar hair care, dilute 1 spoon of OAVC in 8 ounce of water. If you do not have any irritation or adverse reaction, gradually use 1.5 spoons and then 2-2.5 spoons of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar may irritate hypersensitive scalps.

Too much vinegar may cause hair loss. But don’t worry if you can see some hair in your hand. OACV can help eliminate weaker hair that would naturally shed over time. 

Step 2: Application of organic apple cider vinegar

Apply the diluted organic apple cider vinegar to wet hair while showering. You will get an ACV smell while applying, but don’t worry. The smell will disappear just after washing it.

Can you mix apple cider vinegar with your shampoo? It’s a NO-NO! You never know how the components of your shampoo react with the OACV. 

If you want shampoo, use it before apple cider vinegar, not after! (you can also choose not to apply shampoo). Using OAVC makes your hair softer for some time, and using shampoo after it can damage the protein coat of your hair.

Step 3: Rinse the hair 

After applying, rub your hair and scalp gently and wash it with water after 5 minutes. You don’t need a stopwatch. A few minutes would not do any harm. But don’t leave it too long, as it can harm your hair.

Note: You can also use white vinegar as an alternative to apple cider vinegar similarly. White vinegar contains acetic acid but lacks potential enzymes and bioactive molecules like ACV.

Possible side effects of apple cider vinegar for hair

Organic apple cider vinegar can dry your hair and scalp. Use more diluted ACV to solve this problem. In contrary, You may need more ACV to balance oil production if you have an oily scalp. Adjust the dilution of ACV based on your specific hair and scalp needs.

Using apple cider vinegar without enough dilution can cause scalp burn and irritation. You may experience irritation for hypersensitive scalp. If you have irritation after applying, wash your hair right away.

It is a good idea to patch test before applying ACV to your scalp. Just rub a little diluted ACV in a corner of your scalp. Wait a few moments; you are good to go if you feel nothing. Be careful not to let ACV solution in your eyes. It irritates your eyes. 

Expert Tips :Do not use ACV frequently. Once a week is enough for most hair types. Also, if you have a cut or broken skin on your head, you should avoid using it.


Q. Can I leave apple cider vinegar in my hair for 30 minutes?

Leaving apple cider vinegar in your hair for 30 minutes can damage hair. Even burn and irritate your scalp. We recommend washing it within 5 minutes. Also, you must not keep ACV overnight in your hair.

Q. Which is the best apple cider vinegar for hair?

Organic raw apple cider vinegar with mother is best for hair as it contains more bioactive molecules that may benefit your hair.

Q. Does the brand of apple cider vinegar matter?

Yes, brand matters. Any reputed organic apple cider vinegar brand will work perfectly. 

Warping Up

There are two major benefits of apple cider vinegar for hair. The first one is deep cleaning hair, enhancing the shine and vibrancy. The second one is improving the scalp and hair follicle health, aiding fast hair growth and thickness. It also shows a positive result in removing the dandruff and curing microbial infections.

You just need to use it diluting properly. Apply it once a week. It may irritate with sensitive scalps. Also, keep your eyes safe from contact with organic apple cider vinegar.

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